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  • 28 Dec 2017
    Kindle Fire is an electronic e-reading tablet device manufactured by Launched in 2011, a tablet is a mediator between a smartphone and a laptop. Kindle Fire need regular access to Wi-Fi. Also to use kindle fire tablet you need to sign up for your personal email id. In case you are not able to sign in through your email ID, here we are telling the way to troubleshoot this problem.   Before you start, ensure that: You are connected to a Wi-Fi network. You have not modified your email account info. If you have done any modification, then you need to enter your correct email address and to sign up for Kindle Fire.   Check that your mail server settings are OK or not.  Kindle Fire recognizes most POP3, IMAP, and Exchange servers, and automatically input the server information.  Email app doesn't send or receive emails: To send and receive an email your email server settings should be correct for the Email app on Kindle Fire. Contact Kindle technical support number for more information about the necessary settings to setup your email. If your email service provider's settings have changed, you may also need to reset the settings in the Email app. 1. Go home to your mail app and tap Apps. And then click emails. 2. In the inbox, select the Menu icon, and then click Settings. 3. Select your email account and after that click Incoming settings. 4. Enter your server settings, and click ‘Done’. 5. Select outgoing settings (if needed). 6. Finally, reset completed.  When you've completed setting up your email account, the Email app will automatically set up your email account so that you can compose, send, and receive email on your Kindle Fire. If you are unable to set email after applying the upper given steps then you may contact Kindle customer service number. The tech experts here are always available to provide help and support and also they are known for their quality services. You can contact us anytime as we are available 24*7. Read more:- Sound Problem through Speakers in Kindle Device
    1314 Posted by Alex Smith
Technology 742 views Jan 30, 2018
How To Make Free Skype Calls on a Mobile Phone

To make a call from Skype you need a smartphone and a Skype app installed in it. Mobile app of Skype is available for androids and iOS, Windows, iPod, blackberry. The app is free to download and it provides the free call service between Skype networks. It also has various other features on browser version and on the app also. Also, it offers help and support to its users through its Skype Customer service Number.

Features of Skype

Skype app provides various features on your smartphones like chat messages, voice or video calls. Other features are given below:

Features include:

 Free voice calls from Skype to Skype on any device.

 Video calls facility.

 Group video calls facility.

 Free messaging for single chats or group chats.

 You can add emoticons and Mojis to your chat.

 Photos, video, and documents sharing facility up to 300 MB.

 Connect over Wi-Fi or cellular data plan. The iPod Touch connects only over Wi-Fi.

 Call facility from mobile to landlines

Skype Calling From Mobile Phone

 Download the app from the Play Store on your mobile and open it.

 Log in to your account with your username and password and click “Sign in”.

 Now, go to credit purchasing page by tapping “Skype Credit”. 

 Here, Skype credit purchase will give you a set amount to use for calls.

 Choose how much credit amount you want. Most calls to phones will cost a few cents per minute.

 After it goes to the dial pad icon located in the right corner of your screen.

 Now, enter a phone number by using dial pad keys to enter a number. An area code will be needed to call a number from a device.

If you face any problem while making calls from Skype, then you can contact Skype Customer Support Phone Number. At this helpline, the expert is available 24*7 for user support and by calling you will get instant solutions.