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General 438 views Sep 11, 2018
Renovate your Home with Stunning Wood Look Tile

Wood is a wonderful material with its warm colors and characteristic grain, it stands for pure nature. Whether it's a romantic-playful interior or a modern design-oriented interior, wooden tile matches with all living styles. However, a floor made of real wood has dark sides.

The sensitive wooden floorboards are maintenance-intensive and have a problem with moisture. Wood like tile provide the natural look of a wooden floor and at the same time, an easy-care and resistant floor covering.

Robust Wood porcelain tiles:

Unlike real wood floors which need to be regularly waxed or oiled, all tiles with wood decors do not require such elaborate care procedures. Likewise, tedious, time-consuming and costly refurbishment renovations are superfluous because wood tiles are as robust and scratch-resistant as all other floor tiles. For porcelain stoneware, wood tiles are as beautiful as new, even after heavy use.

Tiles in wood look are an optimal covering material on underfloor heating. With today's authentic-looking wood tiles, builders and renovators who can inspire real wood on the ground, finally a visually convincing alternative to real wood floors on the underfloor heating available. Because physically is and remains ceramics, that is the floor tile due to its low heat transfer coefficient, the ideal flooring in combination with modern underfloor heating.

Wood Look Tile: Naturalness is The Key:

Wood plank porcelain tile looks for flooring has been around for a long time. Laminate, linoleum & vinyl floors have a variety of optics to choose from that more or less mimic the look of wood. Relatively new tile in wood look made of porcelain stoneware, which inspires in addition to excellent technical properties such as robustness and thermal conductivity with an authentic look. You have to differentiate because even with porcelain plank tile, there are differences in quality.

Heat: An Important Factor:

Not only is the beautiful but natural look of wood the reason why this flooring is so popular: Wood is a warm material that feels comfortable. What about wooden tiles in this regard? Ceramic wood tile is a great advantage when it's hotter in the summer but not always a plus in cold winter temperatures.

However, as porcelain stoneware, like natural stone, has excellent thermal conductivity, this material is optimally suited for underfloor heating. Thus, in cold weather, a floor made of tiles in wood look many times more pleasant than a floor made of real wood which is not a good partner for underfloor heating due to poor thermal conductivity.