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Business 454 views Dec 07, 2017
Strive For Adherence to Allah | Umrah Package

Your life is just a phase that is gifted from Allah; take is as a test or a chance to prove your love for Allah. The reality is that it is revolving around the Allah and is only meant to be lived for his sake.  Life is the reward of your creator and it is your responsibility about making it inspiring for others. One should only strive for the love of Allah. Perform necessary actions that will get you closer to your creator. Be pure in your intentions as well as in actions. Being honest with oneself is of no cost and requires only a truth. To be on the right path you need to be sincere and truthful in your actions that lead you to the path of Allah.

Choose affection of Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) on anything. Get your Umrah Package 2018 booked with amazing Hajj Umrah Travel agent in UK, al Hijaz Tours. We serve best of our services.

One should not be proud about his knowledge and he should also prevent a rage of being sure hell. Yes you can hope for heaven yet afraid of hell, this thought can prevent you from doing any sin. Your courage is only weapon of that you can use to be truthful. And your truth will lead you closer to your creator. Spread harmony among the people around you. Your every aspect of life needs to be balanced and should be purely for the sake of Allah.

Al Hijaz tours have now planned an amazing Umrah Package for you, you can avail it at your full. Our 24/7 customer service is available to answer your queries at anytime. Get your lifetime and memorable journey planned by travel experts of Al Hijaz Tours.

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