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  • 15 Feb 2018
    Have you ever had a hard time learning how to talk to women? Are you always running out of things to talk about when meeting someone new? We all know starting a conversation with a complete stranger can be intimidating. As we walk over, sometimes our minds go blank unsure of what to say. Today, I’m going to share a powerful technique that teaches you not only how to talk to women, but it’s something that you can use to spark a conversation and build massive rapport with anyone.  How To Talk To Women: The F.O.R.D. Method The FORD Method is a great way to start strong when getting to master how to talk to women that you’ve just met. An easy way to remember this technique is using the acronym F-O-R-D which, stands for: Family Occupation Recreation Dreams The conversation possibilities from these four categories are endless. Just be sure to ask open-ended questions and avoid questions that can be answered with a yes or no. Use their answers, and the tips I went over last week to build on the conversation. You can check last week’s post by clicking here. Here are some example questions you can ask, and breakdown of each topic. FAMILY What is your family like? What was it like growing up as a kid? Do you have any siblings? And then a follow-up question. If she does have siblings you can ask her what her siblings are like. If she doesn’t, you can ask do you ever wish you did. Studies have shown that when people share family-related matters with strangers, they feel closer to them. You’ll have to keep that in mind when knowing how to talk to women. After all, you usually only share personal information with close friends. The challenge, however, is that asking about family upfront can sometimes come off too strong. What you want to do instead is branch the conversation in a way that family naturally comes up. There are two ways you can do this. One, you can talk about your family first. For example, when I was recently talking to a girl, I mentioned how I was excited to see my little sister over the holidays. I then asked if she had any siblings, which she didn’t. I then asked if she ever wishes she had some, which lead the conversation towards the family. The second way is by making assumptions about her. Next time you talk to a girl you could say, “You look like you come from a big family”. Whether your right or wrong doesn’t matter. Making assumptions is a great way to create a sense of curiosity and spark a conversation. She’ll either wonder why you think she comes from a big family or corrects your statement. Either way, you’re now on the topic of family. OCCUPATION How’s your job going? How did you get into your field? What are your career plans? Our work makes up a big portion of our lives and is probably one of the most used conversation starters. Because of that, it’s the easiest topic out of the four to start with. The trick about making this topic work is not to dwell on the surface level conversation. Let’s say you’re on a date and ask her, “What do you do for a living?”. “I’m a school teacher”, she says. Most guys make the mistake of staying on the surface level asking questions like, “What subject do you teach?”, “What grade?”, “What school?”. Instead, I recommend you move to deeper topics. The way to do that is by getting to the root motivation and emotions for becoming a teacher. You could ask her, “What inspired you to become a teacher?”. You could also comment how “It must feel incredible knowing you’re making an impact on these children at such a pivotal time in their life.” See how this can lead to a deeper conversation than asking, “What subject do you teach?” RECREATION What do you do for fun? What do you like to do that brings a smile to your face? Any vacations planned for next year? Are you into any pro sports? What’s your favorite team? Everyone has some sort of hobby, interest, and passion. When getting to know how to talk to women, it’s important to talk about interests. Like the occupation questions, avoid sticking to surface level topics. Instead, jump into the deep end by focusing on the motivation and emotions. A great way to segue from occupation to recreation is by asking, “What do you like to do when you’re not working?” The best mentality to have on this topic is wondering, “Why is this activity so exciting for this person?” Chances are, the person you’re talking to has a hobby that you may know nothing about. Maybe they love rock climbing but you’ve never been. You could say, “Oh that’s cool. I’ve always thought rock climbing was an interesting sport. Why do you like it so much?” Following up with questions like this allow the other person to dive deeper into their hobby and explain why they love it. As Dale Carnegie says in his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, “It’s better to be interested than interesting.” DREAMS What did you want to be when you were a kid? If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? What do you think you’ll be doing in five years? What’s your favorite place to visit? What’s the most exciting thing on your bucket list? This is one of the most powerful topics you can talk to someone about. Unfortunately, most people are told to take the “safe” route instead of pursuing their dreams. If you’re one of the few people that actually brings up and supports their dream, the other person will think very fondly of you. This is usually the last of the four topics I bring up. Most people are sensitive when discussing their dreams since they are so used to people focusing on why it can’t happen. Because of this, be sure to build up a good amount of rapport, from the other three topics, so you can get truly meaningful responses to dream questions. Again, just like the previous two topics, get into deeper level conversations. Focus on the motivation and emotions associated with their response. You’re getting to understand how to talk to women. And you’ll definitely have an easier time establishing rapport.   Your Weekend Mission (If you choose to accept) Beginners: Memorize one question for each section and do 3 approaches with the focus of using the FORD method to build comfort. The goal would be to touch all four topics using the questions you memorized. Advanced: Same as beginners, but 6 approaches. They only count if you can get through the entire FORD method.    Alright, guys, that’s how to talk to women and have deeper conversations. Using the FORD method! Be sure to go out there and start implementing it RIGHT AWAY. Success loves the speed of implementation. If you like tips like these, then I would highly recommend you check out The Language of Attraction or attend a BOOTCAMP. Don’t know what The Language of Attraction is? This is all about the conversation. You’ll know how to attract beautiful women anyplace, anytime, and in any situation. This is the only program that uses your own unique personality to attract women. Other “gurus” will try to mold you to be exactly like them…. They’ll have you dress like them and act like them even if that’s not who you really are. We’ll show you what naturally attracts women.  Click Here For More Details Interested in a BOOTCAMP? We’re going to be in Las Vegas, Cancun, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Thailand, Dubai, India, Australia and that’s us just getting started. If you’re serious about getting results with women FAST, then this is your ticket. Here are a few things we’ll cover: Discover a POWERFUL way to approach, attract, number close, and get dates during the day! Destroy your approach anxiety and spark instant attraction with your body language as you get women to CHASE YOU! Get Tons of infield practice, real-life drills, role-playing, and instant feedback on your interactions to make approaching women completely second nature!
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  • 24 May 2018
    Have you ever been obsessed with a girl you just met and it completely screwed up the interaction? Look, women are not attracted to guys that put them on pedestals.  And if you’re stuck on a woman with an unhealthy obsession, it’s probably screwing with your life. How To Stop Obsessing Over Hot Women   Don’t Put Girls On Pedestals You’ve probably heard of “putting a woman on a pedestal”, the tendency for some of us to view a woman’s positive qualities and ignore her negative ones. Optimistically looking at people and seeing the best is a GOOD thing. The problem comes when we PROJECT qualities onto a woman that she doesn’t actually have, or when we project that the side we like is her ALL the time as if she’s not a normal human with moods swings, problems, and a lot of stuff going on. The problem with this mode of thinking is that WHO SHE ACTUALLY IS doesn’t match your PROJECTED FANTASY about who she is. This is always a recipe for disappointment. Guys with this issue fall into one of two camps, either they don’t operate from an ABUNDANCE mentality (they can’t find a bunch of options to meet their own needs), or they have very little experience, leaving very few references in their minds to navigate real relationships with real people. Before I understood these concepts, I used to think like this all the time. One girl, in particular, caught me for a loop at the bar in my hometown. We started vibing, shared some laughs, and eventually made out on the dancefloor. What a great night! After that, however, I started PROJECTING onto her all of the stuff I wanted in a girlfriend, some of which she didn’t actually have. Inadvertently, I stopped viewing her as a human, and just viewed her through the lens as my ideal partner, who could meet all of my needs and nullify all of my insecurities. Ignoring who she actually was, I began to get disappointed over and over again because she wasn’t meeting my expectations. Instead of ACTUALLY ENGAGING with her and basking in the amazingness of who she actually was, I just kept trying to get her to act like I THOUGHT she SHOULD be acting. That blew up in my face, and she stopped talking to me altogether. Do you have a similar situation? Let’s see how can we stop projecting in our obsessions and see her for who she really is? TIP 1Knock her off her pedestal by flipping the script  You are the prize. If you put her on a pedestal in your mind, you might be giving off needy or weak vibes, waiting around for her to give you the right signs, give you permission to make a move, or approve of you. STOP THAT. You are the prize to be won. When you realize your own value to her, you’ll expect her to work for you. This has a double benefit of both showing your value, and stopping weak behaviors that turn her off. TIP 2Focus on you Every hero has a quest, and every man has a mission. When you prove to yourself that you have ambition and success in other areas, you can validate yourself, instead of waiting for her to do it for you. Find your mission Pour Everything into it Challenge yourself to crush it. Step up like a man and make things happen, rather than just waiting around to get lucky. TIP 3Manage your own emotions When you envision a woman who can complete you, you tend to see yourself as “not good enough”, or “broken”. You don’t need anyone to complete you, you’re awesome. Prove it to yourself, and she’ll notice it too, in the way you carry yourself. Own your space in the world Take responsibility for your own emotions Take responsibility for how you make others feel, too. When you believe you’re a powerful influence on the people around you, you ARE! TIP 4Qualify her to fit into YOUR life. When you get caught up with infatuation in the early stages of meeting someone new, step up and get to know her. Make a list of standards that she must meet, and then ask her about each one, evaluating how she fits in. This will do two things; 1) It will free you from projecting ethereal or unrealistic expectations on women, and 2) It will bring attention to LOOKING FOR these qualities, so that you may see them in other people as well. This will broaden your pool of dateable women and you’ll be taking a massive step toward an abundance mentality. The core idea behind getting over your obsession with new girls is REPLACING YOUR EXPECTATIONS WITH REALITY, rather than your own myopic fantasy. Final Thoughts Armed with both a clear understanding of your own standards and an idea of how a woman you’re attracted to is operating, you’ll be able to see these qualities in everyone. Rather than PROJECTING a fantasy, EVALUATE the reality of every new woman you meet. Take action to ACTUALLY engage with a woman and you’ll free yourself from stalling in fantasy land obsessing over any one girl. Now if you’re asking yourself, “Sure I’ll remember to do all that, but what do I say to a girl?” We got you covered: We created this Free Conversation Cheat Sheet where I break down exactly what to say after “Hi” to make her want you. You get: My top conversation starters for any situation… Simple techniques to never run out of things to say… A list of my favorite games to play that create a fun-flirty vibe And simple ways to escalate the interaction. And more!  
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  • 04 May 2018
    Do you know exactly what to do when a hot girl looks at you? Lots of guys blow it. That FIRST GLANCE is crucial for setting the tone. You HAVE to know HOW to react to this situation! ​​Your only chance to seal the deal could SLIP AWAY in a heartbeat.  So what should you do when a girl looks at you? Before we go over what to do, I noticed a lot of pickup artists’ usually recommend you act all aloof and mysterious, like skulking at an area trying to act as if you’re waiting for women to come to you instead. That doesn’t work very well. If anything, women will find you creepy, and probably stay away from you for good. Seriously, don’t give off a serial killer vibe.   If she looks at you and you are taking your time it can ruin the mood and can make it seem like you are scared to talk to her. And don’t do the infamous “This drink’s from that guy across the table” – If you’re going to buy her a drink then take it to her yourself! Now, most of the time when a girl looks at you, that means she’s interested in you, so that’s a great start. All you have to do now is capitalize on the situation.     First: Make Sure to Look Back! Women love a man of action. Alpha males are what attracts women the most! So take charge and control. Women usually don’t make the first move, MEN do. She’s looking at you to make sure you get the message. When you’ve caught her looking at you, look back without hesitation. If she looks away before you get the chance, keep looking back for a few seconds to catch her attention. It’s important that she knows you noticed her. Looking back can already create sexual tension, and that’s even before any word come out of your mouth! Maintain dominance when looking back. Don’t act all meek and stare at the floor – If she stares back, keep looking at her as if you’re enjoying each other, even before you get near. Second: Smile Now that you’ve caught her attention, make sure you smile at her! That’s one of the things that attracts a woman the most. You should check our other article out – it has all you need to know to learn how to attract girls! According to research, smiling activates the pleasure sensors in our body almost the same as eating chocolate. Simply looking at someone’s smile literally brightens up your day! A chin up, confident smile is the way to go. It actually gives women comfort and shows that you’re going to be a fun guy to be with. When you’re looking back at her, the moment she notices, give her the best smile you have – one that says “hey, let’s have some fun” You can also look away and smile for a moment, then look back at her. This draws a certain allure and mystery while at the same time acknowledging that you’re going to approach her and would love to know her better.  Here are also some things you should not do: Avoid a creepy nodding smile or cheesy smirk. And please don’t frown thinking it’s cool to feel entitled. Women hate that. Don’t try too much to force a smile either, just relax, make sure it comes naturally as if you appreciate her looking at you and you’re enjoying every moment. A good way to know your perfect smile is to practice in front of the mirror every day – go ahead, it actually helps!   Third: Establish Powerful Eye Contact Confidence dictates control. When you look at a woman, always try to maintain eye contact even before the conversation starts! Check her reaction, the moment you’ve looked back and she notices, lock eyes immediately. Keep at it if she’s doing the same, it’s actually a very enjoyable stare-down especially after you’ve thrown the perfect smile at her. If she looks away quickly, that means one of three things – she got creeped out, OR she’s the shy type, OR she’s playing hard to get. Yes, women do these all the time. Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t give up. If you think she’s the shy type, then give her enough time to adjust, turn it down a notch, but don’t wait too long to approach or you’ll lose your chance! If you think she’s playing hard to get, then, by all means, keep the confidence up and take control. Remember to focus on her eyes, it can be a turn-off and unclassy to stare at her body rather than her face. And Finally: Approach Her Taking the previous tips into consideration, approaching her is the best part. Remember guys, a woman looking at you is an invitation. Women don’t make the move, MEN do. Instinctively, women go for the aggressive and assertive man, because that’s exactly what they look for in males – security, and if you’re sloppy and slow, that looks like a weakness and a turn-off. When women throw out the signal, men who make the move are instantly more attractive. Remember that Body movements are important, walking tall, with a straight back and your head up. No slouching or looking at the ground.
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  • 12 Apr 2018
    Here’s another tip to mster how to talk to women! Now, I’m dancing with this beautiful girl, and things start to get heated… So I invite her to grab a bite to eat with me and she says: “I can’t leave my friends” Has something like this ever happened to you? What went wrong? Usually, when it seems like a girl is totally into you, yet doesn’t commit to that next step, it’s because you didn’t successfully handle her objections. We’ll cover this problem today and you’ll soon discover how to talk to women when they usually say no. Because of the double standard in our society, most girls will say no to your advances so that they don’t look or feel like a “slut.” They may want to go with you but often, girls feel they can’t make it too easy for you because of that double standard. If you think back to when you wanted to bring a girl home, 9 times out of 10 you heard some objection. “I can’t leave because of my friends,” “I work early,” “I don’t want to stay out late,” “how far is your place,” and the list goes on. The mistake most guys make is they take these objections at face value when in reality, that’s when the game begins. Very rarely will you get that perfect pull where the girl follows you straight to your place! Let me ask you a question. If you know that 9 times out of 10, the girl will give you objections, have you prepared an answer beforehand? If no, then that might be why you’re not getting as many phone numbers, dates and beautiful women in your bed as you really could. How To Talk To Women: How to turn “No” into a “Yes” The best place to start is by first understanding the mindset of a girl you’re trying to pull. And by pull, I mean leading her to the next location. That could be a nearby coffee shop, bar or your place. Here are the typical concerns girls have when going somewhere new with a guy they just met: They don’t want to travel very far They don’t want to feel unsafe They don’t want to feel uncomfortable They don’t want to be in a situation where things are awkward 1 on 1 They want to make sure that they are going to have fun They don’t want to get stuck at your house Whatever objection a girl gives you, usually the root lies in one of these concerns. It’s like when a friend asks you to go somewhere, so you make up a “white lie” to avoid the awkwardness of telling the real reason you don’t want to go. Rather than a girl saying, “hey I just met you and don’t feel comfortable being alone with you yet,” she’ll say, “oh I can’t leave my friends.“ To successfully overcome her objections, you have to answer her root objection, not her surface level objection. Over time, I figured out how to talk to women because I learned that an objection will almost always come. I make sure to come prepared. I already memorized a few answers to the most common complaints. Importantly, I also treat objections as “not yet,” opposed to a flat-out “no.” If you didn’t get a firm no, then assume she just means “not yet.” There have been plenty of times where a girl declines to grab a coffee, but knowing how to talk to her, building more comfort and attraction, she says yes after a couple of minutes. For example, when she says, “I can’t leave my friends”, it’s not that she physically can’t leave her friends. It’s more likely that she’s not quite comfortable enough to leave with YOU just yet. So you need to know how to talk to women in a way that builds more comfort and/or assures them that you’re coming right back and not one of those guys that’s trying to steal them away the entire night. This actually happened to me not too long ago, where I took her objection as “not yet”, continued to build attraction and comfort and then when I asked 5 minutes later, she came with me to a quieter part of the bar for us to get to know each other. The funny part is, we never saw her friends again for the rest of the night. It wasn’t that she couldn’t leave her friends. The truth is, she wasn’t yet comfortable enough with me to leave her friends. Most guys eject out of the interaction over a “not yet,” type response. You may have missed out on so many girls because of that. If so, that’s ok. Because all that is about to change. Because girls always feel the need to give an objection (even if she wants to join you), it’s your job to answer her objections. One technique I like to use is pre-answering objections. For example, remember that list of common concerns above? What I like to do is answer those objections before she even has a chance to mention it. Let’s take the, “don’t want to travel far” and “uncomfortable one-on-one” root objections. When I’m bringing a girl to a coffee shop, a place to eat, or my place, I always say something like, “Let’s go grab a coffee. I know a great spot a few blocks away. We’ll grab a quick coffee, and then you can go back on your merry way.” When I say, “let’s go grab a coffee,” immediately she’s wondering to herself, “how far away is it and how long?” That’s why the secret of how to talk to women in a way that delivers results is to answer their objections before they even have a chance to object. The best strategy is to answer objections before she has them. The next best option is to be prepared for common objections. Here’s a list of common objections and how to handle them: Her: “I can’t leave my friends.” You: “I can’t leave my friends either. A bunch of my friends are here, so I have to come back.” This is good for the first half of the night when her concern is being gone long, not coming back to see her friends and being stuck 1 on 1 with a guy she just met.  Her: “I can’t leave my friends.” You: “My friends are here too. We can text our friends my address, and they can meet us there.” This is good for the second half of the night to assure her it won’t be just 1 on 1. Her: “I have to be up early” You: “What time do you have to be up?….Well, I have to be up at (1 hour earlier) so that’s no excuse (playfully). Just come for a half hour and I’ll kick you out (playfully)” Her concern here is not being up late so you let her know, hey I’m in the same situation, let’s just hang out for a little. Her: “What if you kidnap me” (or any variation) You: “Damn! You have me all figured out already” (playfully) This is a girl’s polite way to make sure she’s safe and comfortable with you. Her: “How will I get home?” You: “I can either send you home in an Uber or you can sleep on the couch and I’ll drive you home in the morning because I’ve been drinking” This reassures her that she will get home safely (in case she has to leave her ride). The couch part takes off the pressure of any expectations. The drinking part pre answers the objection of why you can’t drive her now Her: “But we just got here” You: “We just got here too. And we’re mostly sober. Let’s go drink real quick and come back” This is for the first half of the night.   Her: “I already have plans to do XYZ after” You: “Drinking wine with me (or another activity) will be a lot more fun. Come with me instead then you can go do XYZ.” Remember one of her concerns a girl has is are we going to do something fun or something that she likes. The activity doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I date classy girls so all of them like wine   Her: Any time-related objection You: “Don’t worry, we’ll only be a couple minutes.” Or, “we’ll be quick.” Or, “It’s just two minutes.” For any time-related objection just let her know it won’t be for long. So if it’s coffee, just say there’s a cafe one minute away and we’ll be quick.  Alright, as we discussed, objections aren’t bad! They should be expected. I’ve been studying some Jordan Belfort recently (Wolf of Wall Street) and he emphasizes that a sale doesn’t begin until the first objection. Anyone can pitch the sale. The skill comes in your ability to overcome a person’s objections. Also, remember that objections are really smoke screens for their real concerns. Usually, the root of a girl’s objection will be one of the real concerns I listed above. Next time you get an objection, try to understand what her real objection is and get to answer that. If you answer her superficial objection but not the real one, she’ll just keep bringing up one objection after another.    Your Weekend Mission (If you choose to accept) Beginners: Reflect on your last 3 approaches. What objections did you hear? Write down 2 good possible responses. Do at least 5 approaches with the goal of getting an instant date. As soon as you can, write down the objection, what you think the root objection might be, and 2 answers you can use next time Bonus if you can figure out how to include pre-answering her objections for next time Advanced: Reflect on your last 5 approaches. What objections did you hear? Write down 2 good possible responses. Do at least 10 approaches with the goal of getting an instant date. Try to push the interaction as far as you can, baby-stepping her closer and closer to your place. As soon as you can, write down the objection, what you think the root objection might be, and 2 answers you can use next time Bonus if you can figure out how to include pre-answering her objections for next time Alright, guys, there’s the tip of the week! Be sure to go out there and start implementing it RIGHT AWAY. Success loves the speed of implementation. If you like tips like these, then I would highly recommend you check out The Language of Attraction or attend a BOOTCAMP. Don’t know what The Language of Attraction is? This is all about the conversation. You’ll know how to attract beautiful women anyplace, anytime, and in any situation. This is the only program that uses your own unique personality to attract women. Other “gurus” will try to mold you to be exactly like them…. They’ll have you dress like them and act like them even if that’s not who you really are. We’ll show you what naturally attracts women. Interested in a BOOTCAMP? We’re going to be in Las Vegas, Cancun, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Thailand, Dubai, India, Australia and that’s us just getting started. If you’re serious about getting results with women FAST, then this is your ticket. Here are a few things we’ll cover: Discover a POWERFUL way to approach, attract, number close, and get dates during the day! Destroy your approach anxiety and spark instant attraction with your body language as you get women to CHASE YOU! Get Tons of infield practice, real-life drills, role-playing, and instant feedback on your interactions to make approaching women completely second nature!  
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Entertainment 90 views Jun 13, 2018
How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

“Does she like me?”

“Should I ask her out?”

“Should I approach her?”

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a girl likes you or not. The problem is that women communicate “covertly”.  Women usually don’t explicitly say, “I like you,” but communicate that through other means.

It’s important for you to know how to read her signs so you don’t miss an opportunity. So check out this video where I cover this in detail. After that, you’ll be ready to approach a girl without fear.

Yo! Alright, look… Women can be hard to read sometimes… They don’t always give guys clear signals.

It’s not in their nature to tell a guy when to make the move.

She’s not going to tell you “Okay I want you to kiss me now!” or “Yes you can take me back to your place now!”

Women don’t usually do that, they just expect the guy to know when to make a move. And it’s all about reading her sub communication. There are certain things women do that tell a guy she’s interested. So let’s break this down.

But before we begin I need to make a disclaimer…

Because I see a lot of new students fall into a deadly trap when it comes to this.

A lot of guys when they are talking to a girl will constantly look for signals to see if she is interested in them. They’re trying to look for any clue that she likes them. Some guys don’t even want to approach a girl until he knows she likes him. It’s because they don’t want to get rejected, and I get it, rejection sucks…

But here’s the deal. If you’re with a girl, and you keep thinking:

Does she like me? oh, she flicked her hair… does that mean she likes me, or she just stepped back, does that mean she doesn’t like me, she touched my arm, I think she likes me… Oh she’s going back to her friends…  maybe she’s not interested…???

What you’re doing here is putting her on a pedestal and making her the prize. When you do this, unconsciously you’re trying to prove yourself to her and win her over. And I can tell you right now, that if you do that, you’re not going to get the girl.

So when you see a girl you want to talk to, don’t worry about signs of interest. Instead, You have to go into the situation not wondering does she like me… but why should I like her? I wonder what makes this girl special. Let’s find out.

You have to assume she wants you man, and that she needs to prove herself to you.

You want her to react to YOU. You need to have it embedded in your mind that you are the prize and she would love to be with you… she just doesn’t know it yet. That’s the mindset of a guy that actually gets girls.

So! now that I’ve given you a disclaimer, let’s break down the signs a girl gives you when she’s interested.

Body Language Cues

According to anthropologist Helen Fisher, the human body decides if they find someone attractive within one second of looking at them.

Literally the instant she sees you, she already knows if she’s DTF or not. Again, women don’t tell you straight up if they’re into you… you just have to look at her body language.


When human beings are attracted to someone, blood flows to their cheeks and they can’t help but blush. If her cheeks are red and she’s blushing, there’s a good chance she’s into you. Or she just put on a ton of blush.

Eye Contact

Prolonged eye contact is another huge indicator of attraction. But don’t think that just because a girl looks away, it means she’s not interested. Often, women look away because they’re nervous – or they don’t want to seem too weird or creepy.

And if a girl doesn’t look away at all, and keeps staring at you, then run! She’s probably crazy and is going to be waiting for you in the bushes when you go home.

If you’re seeing some of these signs but you’re still not sure whether she’s trying to get you to come talk to her, don’t worry. According to research, the majority of men don’t pick up on a woman’s flirtatious body language right away.

Physiological Cues

Let’s face it, us guys are just not all that perceptive. But if you wait around trying to make sure you see all the right signs, you’re going to lose many opportunities or work yourself into a frenzy from all the waiting around and probably chicken out. So just take charge and approach. You have nothing to lose. Assume she wants you.

Once you make your approach and start talking to a woman, there are some more signs you can look for to tell if she likes you.

Increased Heart Rate

 When you’re attracted to someone, your heart starts pumping faster. So either break out your stethoscope or just listen to hear if she’s breathing heavy.

Dilated Pupils

Our pupils tend to dilate when we’re sexually attracted to someone. 

Instinctive Behavioral Cues

Feet And Arms

Look down at her feet. If they’re pointed in your direction, she’s subconsciously trying to line herself up with you. If her feet are pointed away that may mean she wants to leave.

Check out her arms, specifically her sleeves. Women tend to pull up their sleeves if they’re attracted to someone, as a subconscious way of showing off their skin.

Moving Closer To You

Another thing women do when they’re attracted to someone is trying to close the distance between themselves and the guy. But this goes beyond just moving closer to you. If she slides a glass or a menu toward you, it may be a sign she’s trying to get closer to you. Or she just wants you to buy her something off the menu.

Touching Her Hair And Neck

If a girl is into you, she’ll likely touch her hair and neck when talking to you. This isn’t a conscious decision, but rather a primal instinct to help expose her armpits, which release sex hormones designed to turn you on. That’s right, it’s not BO – it’s sex hormones….. Sexual attraction is gross.

Final Thoughts

But all that being said, I can’t stress it enough that you really don’t need to worry about these signs. The problem is that most guys won’t make a move because they don’t notice the signs and then they actually lose the girl because the girl gets tired of waiting for him to man up.

So I say if you like the girl make your move. If she’s just not interested she’ll make it perfectly clear. The only sign you really need is whether she’s staying with you or not. If she’s not interested she will likely excuse herself.

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