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  • 23 Oct 2017
    Most of the things, from shopping to internet banking and from booking holidays to travel arrangements, can be done on internet these days. Online trend has not only limited to these things, but has also extended to online buying and selling property portals. It helps in saving time as well as money that you need to give to the middle man i.e. the estate agent or entity selling your property. Using online real estate agents or property portals is the easiest and convenient way to sell your own house at the touch of a button. As most of the instructions are being provided alongside for you, therefore you need not to worry about anything like whether you are doing it in the right way or not. Online portals are considered as the cheaper way to sell property online and moreover it provides more opportunities to take control over the property sale. Due to this, property portals/apps are becoming more and more popular day by day and the people are indulging themselves in selling property online rather than visiting their local property dealers or estate agents. With many property portals to choose from, FOREAL PROPERTY is known for its increasing popularity and offers value as well as quality in the entire Australia. It acts exactly in the same way as you local estate agents do. The only difference is that it saves your money and you can keep more control over your assets. Moreover, FOREAL Property provides an expert team of property professionals to guide and support you at every step and will manage your marketing strategy after you list your property. Foreal Property app helps in connecting and providing benefits to both buyers and sellers of the property. Benefits to the seller: Create the listing from the comfort of your home. List the features and upload the details and photographs easily. Modify the data uploaded at any time as per your convenience. Reach out to a large number of prospective buyers through internet. Connect directly with buyers without involving middlemen. Benefits to buyers: Select a property from the comfort of their home. Search property of your interest easily. Avoid multiple visits to various properties. Information can be accessed anytime. Deal directly with the seller. Owing to the above benefits, Foreal Property App allows you to sell your property your way. With this, private property sales are no more a complicated process. Register now and download the app to sell your property at your ease.
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Foreal Property Real Estate Platform To Deal Your Property

Real Estate is considered as the hottest topic for discussion, as most of the people are involved in one or the other aspects when they buy house, sell house or rent their property. Mostly populace depends on the property brokers or on ads put up by the builders as a source of information because they found it difficult to take decisions by themselves as the decision taken by them may have some risk involved. This real estate business is growing fast over the internet and with so many user base, introduction to the real estate online portals are setting a new transforming way of property dealing.

Online real estate portals act as platforms where property related information is exchanged that mainly highlights the residential and commercial property listings, the various options related to buying, selling, renting or leasing and other features required and recommended for property registration, news, loans, laws and so on. This developing and demanding trend of online property portals is becoming more and more effective and is increasing for real estate transactions. It is considered to be highly cost-effective and extremely useful for both property buyers and property sellers.

One such real estate that will provide you the high-tech way of customer interaction and a much better user experience for both seller and buyer is FOREAL PROPERTY, committed to meet up every aspect of the customer in the real estate industry. It is an innovative system, probably an app that allows you to buy or sell your home your way, at the touch of a button. There is an expert team of property professionals to guide you and offer support along the way.

Foreal Property is really very easy to use as the process involves just 4 simple steps.

  • Add your property details
  • List features of your property
  • Create a unique heading and description
  • Sit back and relax

Foreal Property's app features open home booking, Online Offers, Real-time Notifications, connects you with top Solicitor/Conveyancers, eSignature and Access to Property Services. Select your package and get started. Foreal Property provides you with a fully comprehensive property report free of charge or obligation. Register now and download the Foreal Property app.