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  • 19 Dec 2017
    Kitchen concrete countertops are the most functional and operational place in the kitchen and it is necessary to install it very responsibly. The assortment of materials for countertops is very wide, there is a place for any option. No less important criterion is the choice of the color of concrete countertop for kitchen, not without reason subconsciously we often make a choice, reacting to this or that color preference. Choosing color for the countertop The color of the kitchen countertop will depend on the material it was manufactured with. The most expensive and high-quality marble countertops has already got unique natural color in it. Countertops made of artificial stone also delight our eyes with amazing colors, but the number one model that are in high demand are MDF countertops - besides durability they will satisfy aesthetic taste of any buyer with all possible combinations of colors. Of course, the color of countertops should, first of all, be in harmony with the overall color design of the kitchen, especially with the apron and furniture panels. You can play contrasts, the main thing is that it is combined and looks coherent. In a well-designed interior, all the details should ideally fit and complement each other. Of course, there are no strict rules for choosing color of DIY concrete countertops for kitchen, the main thing is to observe the proportion of price / quality according to your affordability, and the color of concrete countertop, like the kitchen itself, is a matter of individual preferences.         White color Due to Concrete Countertop Solutions, probably, the most beloved and popular color, it fits any design and is an excellent solution in every case. Another advantage of white concrete countertops  is their ability to visually transform and widen space, which is very important in small apartment kitchens. Probably, the only drawback of white color is its dirt retention and hence the impracticality, but there is always a solution. Choose a concrete countertop preferably of matte or with impregnations of a different color and forget about painstaking washing of the slightest dirt. An excellent solution will also be the use of not pure white, but the most close shades of beige, cream and pearl.         Black color Stylish, unusual and even a little pretentious look of concrete countertops of dark colors, especially black ones. Elegant appearance will also require particularly careful attitude: scratches and scrapes on black will be noticeable more than on light colors. Well, ordinary water stains on the black surface are one of the most unpleasant events in the kitchen life, any house owner will tell you that. Therefore, when buying dark-colored countertops, be prepared to pay special attention to exploitation and care for it, otherwise the chic look will soon replace untidy semblance of former beauty.           Bright colors If white and black are the classic colors in the design, then the bright rainbow palette is definitely a fashionable trend. And every year a new stylish color is chosen: the season was considered noble - blue combined with frivolous yellow-orange-red hues, as pistachio, olive and salad colors replaced. If your plans do not include updating kitchen in a year, let's dwell on the optimal color, even to the detriment of fashion trends. The first rule when choosing the color of concrete countertops for kitchen is that owners like it. The time will pass and the coloring chosen by inspiration will start to annoy, so discuss possible alternatives on the family meeting, vote and choose the ideal option. Modern technologies will meet you and when decorating two or even three-color kitchens, the main thing is to stop on time and do not turn a cozy room into a circus tent. Concrete countertops also attract attention with a variety of colors of plates. Flight of fantasy can not be interrupted, color decisions depend only on your preferences, and, of course, your possibilities. Some experts on concrete countertops color say that it can influence the psycho-emotional mood of a person:         all shades of blue, turquoise and orange upraise the mood and take away depression;         blue and green colors in all variations will create a cozy and calm atmosphere and will adjust to positive thinking;         purple, violet and pink palette will be good for active people, charging with energy for new achievements;         yellow color is suitable for cheerful people;         light and warm colors are associated with comfort, cleanliness and reliability;         predominance of dark tones will suit decisive people standing firmly on their feet;         warm tones increase appetite, and the cold will help to withstand the diet.         if you are a supporter of maximum closeness to nature, a great option will be DIY concrete countertops of traditional colors.         Woodgrain color Excellent look with the corresponding panels of cabinets, a bright apron, but you can live without it. The classic design of kitchen will unrivaledly beat the wooden look of concrete countertop, and modern quality decoration will create a complete illusion of the wooden panel. It is especially popular among buyers and people who prefer the maximum naturalness in the design of homes. By the way, countertop made of hardwood should be treated with a special varnish, and its glued "relatives", but this is already a high-level price category. A good option, which is always in the trend.         Stone color Elegant choice - a real marble top or artificial stone, that's exactly fit to any kitchen and will always remain fashionable. The advantages of this stone countertop are clear to everyone - durability and reliability - will satisfy any skeptic, but the drawbacks are also very significant:         possibility of chipping when a heavy object falls or mismanaged;         heavy weight, and therefore the base under it requires a massive and solid, as well as additional assistance when installing;         high cost, among all the flaws, this is perhaps the most serious issue, so not everyone can afford this option. Color of stone countertop looks beautiful, the options are massive and almost all universally fit to any interior. The output can be a selection of plastic or fibreboard with the appropriate "tuning" for the stone. So, you still can not decide on the color of the countertop? Consider using classic tones: white, gray and black, depending on the overall kitchen composition. Listen to your own feelings when viewing certain combinations, also do not forget to consult with close people, the kitchen is a sacred place, and the same  sacred and personal attitude towards each of them.
    1877 Posted by Toby Nwazor
  • 07 Dec 2017
    For the individuals who are uninformed of this magnificent element, Zen Cart review is thought to be an open source cart extraordinarily scripted for the customers to be entirely free and can be altered by the clients. Be that as it may, you do require the hotspot for any sort of alteration that you are thinking to decide on. This product is unquestionably arranged by the group that had invested a devoted exertion. If you are stressing which programming had helped to develop this valuable instrument, then it is shopping basket very mainstream among the clients, its fundamental root. When you think what the inclination of Zen cart is, at that point Zen is only a redesigned rendition that would be significantly simpler for the active clients. While you are looking over for exploring about the Zen Cart, then it would be better for you to peruse the online Zen cart review that is promptly accessible before you are utilizing this element. Indeed, even this article can be thought to be a knowledge stuffed Zen cart audit that would be extremely useful out of the blue clients. With the dealers and specialists getting the need in Zen cart, the programming practices are being disentangled. Any of the product programs other than Zen cart will require broad firsthand learning about programming systems. In any case, Zen cart is so much easy to understand; the customers are genuinely snatching the advantages like gold coins. It has a portion of the fundamental site-building and registering abilities. In any case, it would be consistently better for the students to select the Zen cart instructional exercise. These instructional activities give a wide range of data about the how Zen cart functions upon, and its functionalities with the tips provided even from time to time. These have been scripted to be effortlessly learned and furthermore a Zen cart demo is offered toward the end. At the point when the customers utilize Zen cart alternatives, at that point, the exchanges occur most productively and do the purchasers change on to different alternatives accessible. This is the primary factor which had confined the advance of this one of a kind shopping propensity. So would you say you are prepared to go on a shopping binge? Open source stages are currently exceptionally well known. Several vendors utilize dozens of carts to control their Internet stores. In this circumstance picking a right arrangement may wind up plainly key for your business. We offer you a survey of fundamental component examination of Zen Cart alternatives, an extremely mainstream shopping baskets. To begin with you need to unmistakably comprehend what is Zen Cart. In spite of the fact that at first sight the two stages may seem to be comparative on the off chance that you look further it will be clear that they have a considerable measure of contrasts. Zen Cart is an open source so you get full access and flexibility of adjustments. The two carts are for nothing out of pocket. These two components draw in an immense number of online dealers. In any case, what are the characteristics of each shopping basket? Set up and plan The two stages are anything but difficult to introduce. Many facilitating organizations even offer a single tick set up for Zen Cart review. The distinction arrives in a procedure which is considerably simpler with cart for specialized clients. Something else to be talked about is outline openings. Zen Cart alternatives will enable you to change your store's interface rapidly and effortlessly. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need extremely special plan you have to work and have propelled programming aptitudes. Along these lines, at long last you should employ somebody. On the off chance that with a similar arrangement of layouts is accessible yet you will have the capacity to discover considerably more free skins. The way toward making new subject by your own particular will be considerably less difficult than with Zen Cart alternatives. Store administration Zen Cart administrator board may appear to be untidy and overpowering for unpracticed client. Besides center level of aptitudes will be required to deal with it. In the meantime Zen cart offers natural and well disposed administrator zone that will enable you to deal with all issues. Other item administration highlights incorporate : chance to include boundless things, classes and properties, item correlation and the mass fare, layered route, checkout and numerous other. You can likewise deal with numerous stores from one managerial region and include different dialects and monetary standards. These capacities might be unimaginably helpful on the off chance that you choose to go worldwide. Moreover, an enormous number of modules are accessible for nothing or paid. Along these lines, any conceivable element that you won't discover can be just included. In the meantime ZenCart review, sadly, has less highlights accessible after establishment. The fundamental of them incorporate : basic item including, things surveys, stock administration and programmed thumbnail creation, support of various dialects and monetary standards, and so forth. Numerous Zen Cart free formats are accessible. Promoting and eCommerceSpot Also, again zen cart has better default highlights: unwaveringly program, coupons, vouchers, bulletin membership, web crawler well disposed connections, Site Map, meta labels for items and portrayal and numerous other. Zen Cart alternatives can likewise offer you meta labels, bulletin framework, coupons and blessing authentications. Reports, installment and transportation The two stages can offer extensive variety of business reports: deals, most prevalent items, clients, arrange status, and so on. Installment and transportation alternatives are additionally powerful and incorporate every primary choice: Authorize.Net, Checkout, UPS, and so forth. Security and support Since Zen Cart is at first a turn from security highlights are for all intents and purposes missing. You should introduce extra modules and take think about security issues. Then again Zen Cart have every one of the capacities on-board: treat encryption, affirmation, PCI consistence, and so forth. Both Zen Cart options don't have official help and depend just on documentation and authority gatherings which ended up being extremely valuable and responsive. Conclusion Zen Cart review is by all accounts less rich. Notwithstanding, it isn't precisely valid. Fundamental capacities are certainly poorer, yet with legitimate level of programming aptitudes you will have the capacity to make special and utilitarian web store. Lastly recollect that if your store is now fueled with another shopping basket you can without much of a stretch move all information from Zen Cart store. It is a robotized and free administration that can move your store information to an alluring shopping basket in a couple of hours.
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  • 12 Dec 2017
    Click Fraud Detection demands simple action to have a rightful bot protection to allow you business plan implementation. One of the most intricate parts of handling an ecommerce business is dealing with your rivals on a daily basis. When you can control your sales through different layers of security and marketing techniques you can advance onto building a very powerful business structure and sell volumes of your product on a daily basis. Some strategies of digital marketing will include lots of micro content creation for your landing page to catch the attention of your potential customers and provide them with emotional baggage to make their purchases even greater user experience. Your surroundings are also a big factor that might lead you either to conversions or to stale sales going. Dividing your niche into solid contenders and trashy “copycarts” is a good idea to do right away. Knowing the level of commitment of your competitors will likely to give you invaluable hint on how to approach your own strategy and marketing endeavours. But first things first - take care of your own platform and get some click fraud detection software to protect your marketing. Google analytics is just a first step before you get onto some real stuff like TEAsoftware. Giving a tour on your landing page with intuitional interactive design might create a difference maker for your potential customers to help them decide to stay on your website for longer. But you want each of your clicks that lead to your landing page to be good clicks, that have higher probability of converting. Delivering on every end of a customer service has to be not just a phrase in this short article. You have to feel your audience and they have to feel you. With mutual interest on the way you can make sure that your conversions rate stay way higher than on your competitors websites. Your role is to lead your audience to what they need for the most affordable price and lots of other cools stuff waiting just for their buy to happen. Unless you will bring value to your customers then someone else will for sure. We wish Google were doing substantially more to secure their promoters (i.e., me) from click fraud. In September we composed a blog entry titled "Where is Google demonstrating your promotions?" on the grounds that our utilization of the Click fraud detection software made it horrendously clear that our Google show organize advertisements were being appeared on sites that had literally nothing to do with the watchwords our crusades were focusing on (Microsoft CRM showcasing arrangement promotions appearing on auto aficionado sites?). Because of that perception we through and through quit utilizing Google's show organize in a mix with watchwords. When I got some information about it, she conceded that you need to watch out for where your promotions are being appeared. Be that as it may, despite everything we promote with Google utilizing other focusing on strategies regardless we attempt and watch out for where our advertisements are being appeared. Be that as it may, who was the ideal opportunity for that? All things considered, yesterday we happened to see a vast gathering of visits originating from the same alluding site. Our advertisements were being appeared on that site at a high rate (and high cost to us) however a visit to the site uncovered that the site is a fake site set up only with the end goal of snap misrepresentation. Snap extortion is when individuals make locales to demonstrate your promotions and afterward create taps on your advertisements so they will get paid from Google. When we distinguished the maverick site, we could go into our Google account and avoid it from demonstrating our advertisements. Be that as it may, it influenced us to consider how to distinguish this kind of snap misrepresentation all the more effortlessly. Utilizing Microsoft CRM and Click fraud detection software we fabricated a tick misrepresentation identification dashboard and now can check it at times to search for peculiarities. Follow this link if you want to delve more into more means of marketing for PPC. Here are the means you can take: 1 – Always make a point to end the URLs in your Google promotions with a one of a kind parameter. We utilize the parameter 'AdWords' toward the finish of all our Google promotions. In this way, the URL that individuals are coordinated to will resemble this (the ? demonstrates a parameter is coming, the 's' is the name of the parameter – 's' for a source or you could work out the word source if you need). By including that one of a kind parameter it will be anything but difficult to make sees in CRM that enables you to see precisely which visits have originated from your Google advertisements 2 – Create a couple of CRM perspectives of visits from Google promotions. These will be perspectives of visits where the section page field of the visit record contains your interesting parameter (i.e., AdWords). I made perspectives for 'Visits from Google Ads today,' 'Visits from Google Ads yesterday, 'Visits from Google Ads this week' and 'Visits from Google Ads most recent 15 days'. 3 – Create CRM outlines to show your perspectives graphically 4 – Create a dashboard to show every one of your outlines in a single place. With this set up you will have the capacity to observe any irregularities occurring in your visits rapidly. The following is our snap misrepresentation location dashboard. On the best column, we see the visits during the current month that have originated from Google promotions. This view demonstrates to us the visits by day, and we can instantly observe a spike on February 21 and a small spike on February 19. This reveals to us we have to burrow further. On the second column, we can see the main ten visits by alluding host, for now, yesterday, this week and the most recent 15 days. This demonstrates to us when a particular site is bringing a considerable measure of visits. Presently, we hope to see a considerable measure of visits from the host click fraud detection because this is a component Google uses to serve advertisements on locales in their system. Also, you can typically observe the click fraud detection log of these visits in the catchphrases field on the visit record. Along these lines, we could likewise fabricate outlines for that and go much more profound. Until further notice how about, we keep it straightforward. Notice in three of the graphs we can see a site that was bringing a considerable measure of visits for your click fraud detection. This alarms us to watch that site and check whether it is right blue. Apparently, it was not an honest to goodness site, so we blocked it in our Google account yesterday, and this is the reason it doesn't show up on the outline for the present visits. With this dashboard set up, it will be substantially less demanding to watch out for what is going on. We won't have to take a gander at it consistently yet a look once seven days ought to uncover any issues and afterward we can go to Google and request credit. I did that yesterday and want to get notification from them today? Keep a stick out for some new technology every time you need an upgrade. There is likely possibility that a new app or extensions is released each day. Or the previous versions get upgraded to a better ones that can become a difference maker in the heated rivalry in your niche. The same is true for every marketing channel you have or want to expand. It’s never a done deal with Social Media and other promotional methods, since there are just so many platforms waiting for your work to be put in, that it’s just a matter of your reachout and how big are you. So try to check out this awesome article as well to gain more ground on click fraud detection, security tips and much more.
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  • 04 Oct 2017
    At some point in your Amazon listing software FBA business you will come up against the underlying stockpiling limit confinements that they put on you. All FBA dealers are confined by listing hub stock stockpiling limits when they initially begin. It's Amazon's method for controlling their stockroom space and to guarantee that a huge number of "easygoing" merchants don't stop up their storage room on listing hub. If you are pushing up against those capacity limits than it could imply that you're beginning to wrench out the stock truly and doing great with your FBA business or it could mean you have a group of garbage simply sitting in the stockroom of a listing hub.   With a specific end goal to separate between the two, Amazon hopes to perceive what your offer through rate is. As Amazon listing software portrayed it:   Capacity limits are evaluated month to month. On the off chance that you have sold at least 8% of your stock every week in the nine (9) earlier weeks, your stock stockpiling limit is qualified to be raised. To ask for an expansion to your capacity confine, contact Seller Support.   What is the meaning of an "offer through rate" and how does Amazon listing software decide it?   Offer through rate is a level of units sold amid a period (week by week for Amazon listing software) and it is figured by isolating the quantity of units sold by the start available stock (for that same day and age).   So essentially you should be offering 8% of your aggregate stock each week, reliably, keeping in mind the end goal to be even considered for expansion in stock stockpiling limits. This is a check you need to be shooting for consistently in any case else you'll be hit with long-haul stockpiling charges at regular intervals.   How would I screen what amount of stock I have or on the off chance that I am moving toward my stock breaking point?   Amazon has far to go before I could joyfully say that they 100% help their venders and their organizations, yet for this situation, they have given us a visual representation to help us to remember our stock status. They confine set at 5000 for new venders so you could simply take a gander at your stock page and simply tally your things however they enable us to out with the realistic like underneath on a listing hub. Visit omnichannelhub and master online trading in every possible channel.   Stock stockpiling limits   The shade of the chart will change from green to yellow to red, given your stock wellbeing on a listing hub.   Green Your stock level is at under 75% of your utmost   Yellow Your stock level is in the vicinity of 75% and 90% of your breaking point   Red Your stock level is at over 90% of your utmost hub amazon.   I'm moving toward stock stockpiling limits, how would I decrease my stock to remain beneath the top? Have a look at this fascinating article uncovering top products to watch on Amazon.   There are three approaches to diminish the measure of stock you have in an Amazon listing software satisfaction focus:   Offer some of your present stock Maintaining a business is never simple, finding an opportunity to complete everything in a day is a steady test. Anything a business can do to spare time is dependably a key factor as far as development and achievement, with online deals it is the same. Frequently online dealers are tested with remaining sorted out, rehashing a similar errand again and again and discovering approaches to give their business system the aggressive edge. Posting Management programming is intended to ease those difficulties with a listing hub and make online deals productive and beneficial.   Hub Amazon remaining composed, taking control of stock and robotizing postings over various commercial centers is a certain fire approach to extend deals and spare time. Amazon listing software resembles the worker that never dozes at a small amount of the cost. As an across the board arrangement, Amazon listing software deals with your deals through the whole procedure all the way all from a similar cloud based stage. With abilities for Bulk altering, Automation, Organization and Quantity Synchronization, Amazon listing software makes posting administration simple all inside one apparatus.   Mass Editing   As online dealers develop and grow, an ever increasing number of postings get added to the business pipe. Being able to alter each posting in mass through Excel or from the inviting Amazon listing software UI, gives merchants the capacity to take control of progress. In under a couple of snaps clients can change their whole eBay profile offering system from settled evaluated GTC postings to a 7 day barters with a beginning offer of $0.99. Making updates to an eBay posting layout with the 'Mass Revision Tool' enables clients to refresh all their dynamic postings to compare with the adjustment in format and begin offering the progressions.   Association   Keeping stock composed makes offering and dealing with postings a breeze. Make custom inquiry parameters to rapidly discover things, add stock to envelopes to continue thing sorted out, effectively make modifications to a whole organizer of postings or look for an item by means of listing hub or custom reference esteem.   Demand to have some of your stock came back to you by making an expulsion arrange   Demand to have some of your stock discarded by making an evacuation arrange   All things being equal…   On the off chance that you're moving toward your cutoff, similar to we said before, it could either mean you're killing it and need to extend your business or your stock is getting to be noticeably stale and it's a great opportunity to "clean our your storeroom'. In any case, dissecting your stock on a listing hub wellbeing is an incredible best practice and is not time squandered.   Want to have even more insight on Listing software limits and control your online trading routines like a king - follow this link, and find out about few other tricks to over execute your business plan.  
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Business 316 views Oct 04, 2017
How can TEA software dramatically improve your SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become an integral part of web design, marketing planning and business analytics.Its importance is widely known and shared all across the internet. Let’s see what makes SEO so important and why should you get the new TEA Software, especially if you are having or starting up an e-commerce business and try avoiding click fraud.


The basics of Search Engine Optimization:

For those who are not entirely clear about what the importance of Search Engine Optimization is let’s enlist some of the key points below:


The main goals of SEO:


  • To show your website or web pages among the first page search results.

  • Your website will be ranked highly by Google’s Search Engine robots both on website (domain) level and on webpage level (meaning every single webpage your website consists of)

  • The ranking process is not fully known for anyone except for Google, it is in order to avoid programmers to trick the system.

  • To reach an organic per site and per page ranking that lifts a page up and features it organically.

To reach all this, you need an extremely dedicated expert team to work on your SEO. But once you are there, it will feel like hitting the lottery.


Let’s discuss analytics:

If you want the most precise report on what you have and what you need to change with respect to your current web content or advertising methods analytics is the tool you can turn to. If you want to have the most precise business forecasting on what to expect it’s analytics you can turn to.

Google has its own analytics system (Google Analytics)  which is widely used by both SEO experts and website owners, because it’s simple and clear. But the bad thing about it, is that it specifically targets the businesses which deal with pay per click ads via AdWords.


Why are analytics so important?

You must be aware how well your pages do and how much exposure your products are getting either organically, by paid ads or both. Analytics helps you find tons of issues, which were not taken into consideration before and which may be the cause of poor quality traffic and low engagement rates. Also, it helps you instantly see the result of any change you make on your websites, you can also see how well or badly your landing page does and also monitor the effect of changing it (for the better or for the worse). Analytics can help you to be able to precisely say, when is the highest probability of quality traffic arriving to your website, this way you can easily target audiences according to their geo locations, cultural interests and can work on specialized ads and discounts or newsletters (alongside other marketing campaigns).


But the most important part of analytics is finding all the errors, reasons which may limit your pages perform the way they should. That’s the reason why you should always have someone pay attention and learn from all the analytic reports which show you what’s happening on each one of your web pages and on a domain level. Thanks to analytics, you can also find the errors on your pages.



Heatmap means that today’s analytic tools would not only see you browsing on a website. They can see what you do, where you click, which areas do you hover your mouse over and also most importantly, which areas you totally leave out. This way, they can tell what’s important, what’s not and what should be updated, if it doesn’t seemingly bring people to be interested. This means, if there are no clicks on „subscribe”, „details”, „product description” or „sign up to get a copy/gift/discount” call-to-action messages, there has to be a good reason behind the lack of interest that must be fixed immediately. Today, every larger and up-to-date company works with analysts who can pull heatmaps and can analyze per page behavior. TEA software does exactly that, but on a higher level.


What is Pay per Click?

If you want to get on the first page search results but do not have the time or simply face too high a competition to wait for this to happen organically, you have the chance to be on the first page- if you pay a certain amount of money for it. The good thing about the system is, that money is only deducted if people click on your website. The more people click on your website the higher your pay per click bid would go ( you pay more money per click). Several companies turn to this way of advertising and that is exactly why the illegal manipulation of these paid ads, called click fraud is still widely used by competitors, no matter what industry we talk about. Thanks to it’s revolutionary system now TEA Software is the closest to protect your website from Click fraud.

What is Click fraud and how TEA utilizes click fraud protection?


Your keyword based ads would appear when people reach for the keywords chosen by you. The more specific you are, the more likely it is, that you can actually get visitors who become your buyers. However as it’s true in every industry, competition is everywhere. Competitors often try to find as many keywords as possible which their competitors ( and often they themselves are using) and if their rival’s link pop up in the search results in form of pay per click, they get either bots or personnel to click on your pay per click ad with high frequency. Unrecognized Google click fraud will result in the following:


  • Your bids will grow and your budget will float away. When this happens your ads will simply disappear.

  • Google will sense the unnatural activity regarding your web link and can even shut your website down considering it spammy.

  • Google will downrank your website, which is no good news, not even if you pay an extra to be shown in the first page search results.


There are lots of companies who frequently use this method to annihilate their competitors and so far it was close to impossible to detect this and find the click fraud source.  Now, luckily TEA’s click fraud Software is here to help you. Let’s see how.


How can TEA Software protect your website from click fraud?


  • TEA Software has a very specific click fraud monitor can work in parallel with AdWords and can almost immediately detect any unnatural change in terms of your AdWords bids and the count of clicks arriving from the main search engine.

  • TEA is also using a heatmap-based system for click fraud detection. Bots unlike human strictly go to one point on the website or webpage as they are programmed. If TEA senses a heightened bot activity, it would immediately look for the source from where the bot is coming from.

  • Thanks to TEA you can now send a much more targeted analytic report to report Click Fraud happening. It is currently one of the very few click fraud monitoring software on the market.

  • Click Fraud reports can help you get reimbursed as the activity is almost like someone stealing money from you. Now, thanks to TEA software's revolutionary analytics you can quickly see and act when click fraud is happening.

What is engagement fraud?

Engagement fraud is a lesser known and covered activity, first of all because it’s done by Google itself. The core of this is in bid adjustments. If you work with AdWords you need to always pay attention to the amount of your bids and adjust them as and when it’s necessary. Otherwise you rely on automated adjustment that can cost you plenty of money. When you rely on automated adjustment by Google, you ought to know that the adjustments sometimes happen way later than they should happen. The adjustment can have up to a 18 hours of a delay. As many things can happen in such a long time, this delay can cost you plenty of money. Now, with TEA Software your bids are always being monitored and the software itself is programmed to do real-time bid adjustments whenever it finds it necessary. This way engagement fraud is eliminated by TEA.


AdWords adjusting with TEA

Apart from bid adjustment TEA software can have full control on your AdWords, so that you don’t need to spend a fair amount of time learning how it works and how to work it to produce the best results. This way, TEA software will do the following for you:


  • Adjusting bid costs

  • Adjusting and monitoring ad positioning

  • Bid geolocation

  • Make hourly and daily schedules for bidding based on top visitors’ times

  • It can pause keywords which do not perform as expected ( before Google downgrades your page or takes the keyword away automatically, which is very bad news).

TEA software’s analytics go way beyond Google Analytics

Because it’s working on detecting your page and website visitors’ every movement on your webpages. With this, it will work out behavioral patterns per page. This will help you a big deal to see what works and what doesn’t work on your webpage and see what the primary per-page interest points are.


TEA software is collaborating with high quality software developers and that’s why it’s an integral part of Shopping Cart Elite’s SEO and analytics package that’s also part of their complete shopping cart software package.