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Business 27 views Sep 09, 2017
Which Is Better SEO Or PPC?

Which is more beneficial SEO or PPC? This has been a question often asked to which an accurate answer is not possible, it depends on the needs, requirements and situation of your business. This article will lay light on the advantages of SEO and PPC which will help you to decide the preferable one instead of your business needs and marketplace.


Let’s start with looking at the advantages of SEO


1 Branding


Branding is creating a name and something unique about your brand. If you include common search information and queries related to your brand in your content, it will increase the credibility of your product among the users who are searching related information.


2 Awareness and perception


By adding targeted keywords in the content will increase the chances of visibility of your blog or content in search engines. It is same as advertising and creating awareness about your brand in front of your targeted sector and audience.


3 Leads and Traffic


Traffic is inter-related to awareness and branding because the more traffic you will generate for your website, the more you will be able to gain exposure for your product in front of your audience. If you gain traffic for your website, you will be able to approach and convince your audience as to why they should purchase from you.

4 Trust and credibility

If your particular site returns organic results, it may increase the credibility and may bring more customers to your website. One should try to make their site more visible as it gives your business a boost and may increase the reliability and trustworthiness towards your site. It will help you in gaining high ranking order.


5 ROI factor


Return on investment can provide a much better way in getting paid off in comparison to the earlier methods such as paid media, etc.


6 Budget/ cost


SEO is not very cheap but it is cost effective and a better method to create awareness about your brand and product in front of your customer and to generate traffic for the website.


Now let's talk about PPC.


PPC stands for “Pay per Click’’. Definitely, a question may arise in your minds that if free contents are available through organic search why would we opt for a paid one? To give a solution to the questions here are some advantages of PPC which may clear your doubts.


1 Positioning Of Page


If you are paying something then for sure, you will be gaining something, and that’s the story behind PPC. If you have opted PPC, then your ads are displayed at the topmost pages and it's very obvious that a user will go through these at first.


2 Enhanced advertisements


PPCs are advertisements that you get now and then while navigating a page and it gives a wider area to showcase your products and brands in front of your valued audience. The ads are especially improvised which may contain bulleted points, links, etc.which enhances the quality of ads.


3 Cost


 It is believed that when you are paying something for your ads then definitely it is a budgeted method that will search more traffic for your product and brand.


4 Speed


PPC is a speedy way to create visibility of your ads and campaign in comparison to the organic searches. Paying those extra bugs will provide you with a speedy visibility of your brand in front of your targeted audience.




SEO and PPC both have their respective pros and cons, and thus one may choose any one of them according to their needs and requirements, For example,  a small business that needs to generate weekly leads and whose target sector is not very high may go in for an organic SEO search whereas a business may opt for PPC if they had a wider functional area for a long term purpose. A businessperson can also go for an option of SEO and PPC simultaneously to support the pros and cons of each other and ultimately fetch leads for the company.


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