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Technology 241 views Dec 27, 2017
Limit it Your Data Usage On Facebook- Tricks you must not miss

Tired of losing too many data, while surfing Facebook on your phone? What is that you can do to limit your data usage. This question does have an important significance.

It is not just about limiting the data usage. More or less, the Facebook app that you had installed on your smartphone also eats into your battery life. Yes, there is nothing wrong in remaining hooked to Facebook. However, the actual cost is far greater and there seems you have a problem of plenty.

Other than taking corrective measures, you are not left with much of an option. However, there is a way out and here’s how you can do it.

Reducing the Data Usage on Facebook

1. Try adjusting the app settings, so as to limit the data usage.

2. You can also turn-on the data saver mode on Facebook, which is one smartest thing you can do.

3. Turn-off videos from auto-playing in Facebook app.

4. Prefer to use Wi-Fi, instead of mobile data.

5. Last and not the least, disable auto refresh from running in the background.


You can do more and it all comes down to the possible countermeasures that you take. It would be a wise move to implement these steps if it comes to a point, where you want to limit your data usage.

Facebook is all about meeting people and staying connected. If something crops up that completely prohibits from using the account, you can then consult an expert by dialing the Facebook Phone Number Experts.