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  • 25 Sep 2017
    Sleep plays the most important role in good health and well being of our life. Having a quality sleep at night not only makes us fresh, but also helps us to work properly next day. Sleep helps our brain to function properly. Studies show that if the person is not able to complete his or her sleep well, then he is not able to work efficiently and also feels sleepy the whole day. This also gives us trouble in taking any decisions and makes the person feel irritated. Sleep deficiency of one person also disturbs the atmosphere of the workplace and the persons near them.   In our sleep, mattresses also play the important role. If our mattress is not comfortable or does not suit us in any way also disturbs our sleep. A good mattress leads to beautiful sleep, we all heard that. But many of us don’t implement it and feel disturbed the whole day. When we go to any mattress store, we come across a number of mattresses, but we choose the one which we find soft but this is not right. We should only select that mattress which best suits our body type. We think that the person who is giving us knowledge about the mattress is not more intelligent than us and we don’t hear them and choose which we feel is right for us.   There are so many mattress stores in the market, one of them is Sleep Center. It is one such place where you will get a wide range of mattresses and also the salesman of this store has undergone a training of health education and customer service by visiting factories of numerous top mattress manufacturers. When you will visit this place to buy a mattress, a sales person will help you in deciding which mattress suits you the best. They will provide you with good quality mattress and have all the brands like Corsicana, Spring Air, Stearns and Foster, Beautyrest, Simmons Beauty Sleep, Tempur-pedic, Serta and Sealy. Also, they provide different sizes of mattress like twin, twin XL, full, queen, king & California king, mattress according to your comfort like firm, cushion firm, plush & ultra plush and type of mattress like innerspring, memory foam and plush. Apart from mattress, they also provide you high quality furniture, adjustable beds and bedding & accessories.   For any queries, you can call them at (916) 372-1144 or mail us at
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  • 18 Oct 2017
    A perfect and good night’s sleep makes us feel more refreshed and helps us to work with full passion for the next day. Adequate sleep is a key part of a vigorous lifestyle, and can benefit us in many ways like improving memory, curb inflammation, sharpen your attention, healthy weight, lower stress, avoid accidents, steer clear of depression and more. Mattresses plays a great role for your better sleep and in keeping you healthy. “How You Sleep Longer” this also depends upon the type of mattress you are using, if the mattress is not comfortable, then you are not going to get better sleep. So, if your mattresses are looking saggy, lumpy and you are waking up tired or achy, then it’s the time to change your mattress. There are many mattress stores in Sacramento, where you can visit to buy the right mattress for your next good night’s sleep. Because without a better sleep, you are going to get affected by many things and it can also act as a stone in the path of your goals. So, if you don’t want to face this situation visit “Sleep Center” now. It is the Northern California’s most respected mattress firm. What Type of Mattresses You Can Buy From Us? We carry a wide range of branded mattresses such as Sealy mattresses, Serta mattresses, Simmons Beautyrest mattresses, Spring Air mattresses, Stearns And Foster mattresses, Tempurpedic mattresses, Twin Size mattresses, Twin XL mattresses and many more. We also provide furniture, adjustable beds, accessories like pillows, sheets & bed frames at the most competitive prices. At our store, you can choose the mattresses according to your personal preferences as well as budget. Most of the people prefer to buy Stearns and Foster Mattress from us as this is the well known and trusted brand within the mattress industry, providing you the luxurious sleeping experience. Our products are made up of high quality materials that support your backbone properly, so that you can sleep without any disturbance. Each of our mattress is designed so professionally with a solid adjustable base, which allows you to customize the comfort according to your choice. We also provide you mattress according to your comfort like firm, cushion firm, plush & ultra plush and carry various types of mattresses such as a box spring, hybrid and innerspring mattress. The team at Sleep Center is well trained and undergo months of sleep health education and customer service training, so that we can provide our customers with the best suitable mattress. By choosing us, you need not to pay more for the best quality products.
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  • 19 Dec 2017
    Our bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our home as it is the only place to get relax and shred off all of our day's stress and exertion. Thus the selection of the furniture for our bedroom should be a good investment in a way to enhance the decor of our room as well as to make the room environment cozy and luxurious. Usually this can be done by adding unique interest of putting stylish, tasteful and well-designed furniture in your bedroom. Generally, a contemporary styled bedroom furniture always gives a perfect feel as soon as one enter inside the room. While choosing the bedroom furniture, make sure the color and finish of every piece of furniture should be in a combination of light shade of color with strong prints and patterns. Modern and stylish bedroom furniture nit only gives a spacious look to the bedroom but also complements with rest of the furniture in the home. Now a day's bedroom furniture is available in wide variety on many online furniture stores that exclusively caters to the requirements of your bedroom. While selecting the bedroom furniture, considering the size, color and of your bedroom to purchase the furniture accordingly that suited the most and should be appealing & attractive. Every furniture piece that you want to include in your room like bedroom dressers, nightstands, chest, mirrors and side tables should match the color and style of your room as well as other furniture. This will enhance the overall look of the entire bedroom. While shopping for the bedroom furniture, you must consider choosing only the high quality furniture and don't forget to include a comfortable mattress. An uncomfortable bed can disturb your good night's sleep. It is not necessary that the most expensive bed will always be suitable for you and provide a comfortable sleep, it all depends upon a good mattress. Therefore, it's wise to choose a perfect bed along with a high quality branded mattress. Today you can easily shop your bedroom furniture from online furniture stores as it provides a good shopping experience. Sleep Center is one of such online furniture & mattress stores Davis CA, where you'll get a wide range of home furnishing products including mattresses, furniture for every room like bedroom, living room, youth room, bedding & accessories as well as best adjustable beds at affordable rates with interest free flexible financing options.
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Shopping 56 views Oct 30, 2017
How to Choose the Right Furniture That Adds Value to Your Space

There are many types and styles of furniture available in the market for your bedroom, living room or for your guest room. Choosing the one that fits the style of your space and tastes can initially act as a daunting task for you. Likewise, the process of moving any home or office or selecting the perfect furniture requires experience and preplanning. There are many things which you need to consider for choosing the adult bedroom furniture, living room furniture and furniture for your kids room. Check out our shared tips that will help you to buy the right furniture for your space:-

  • Set a Price Limit: -This is one of the main things, which you need to plan to buy the perfect furniture within your budget. Once the limit is decided, be patient and look for the best value furniture in your range.

  • Decide Your Type: - Decide your taste and the type of the furniture you want. Make a list of the colors according to the textures of your room and the pattern that matches the most. Generally, there is Casual, Contemporary, Traditional and Eclectic categorized furniture available in the market. Choose the one that fits best according to the theme of your room as it will add more value to it.

  • Choose the Best Fabric: -Fabric also plays an important role. If you are looking for the furniture for a formal living room, then choosing furniture with light fabric is fine, but for a daily using room, it is highly advisable to choose the furniture with dark fabric.

  • Avoid Light-Weight Furniture: -Furniture that is made up of high-quality material lasts long for years. Therefore, it is highly advisable to avoid the lightweight and aluminum based furniture and always look for the one that is solid in style and heavy in weight. No matters how beautiful the furniture is looking, don’t forget to perform a sit and the stand test, it will help you to figure out the comfortable quality of the furniture.

These are some basic and effective tips from one of the best furniture stores in Sacramento, Sleep Center. At this store, you can buy a wide range of branded furniture, mattresses and bed accessories at the reasonable prices. Sleep Center is One of Northern California's Most Reputed Mattress Retailers. You can easily make the task of buying the new furniture stress-free by visiting the store or by browsing the wide range of branded furniture at the given below website link:-