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Recreation 693 views Sep 06, 2017
17 Ways to Spot Online Poker Players at Live Poker Tables


With online poker becoming a global obsession for everyone, few players have the experience of actually playing at live tables. The ease and convenience of the online version, especially free online poker, holds a major draw for several player. For beginners as well, getting their feet wet in the online world seems like the best bet to avoid losing substantial money at a live game. However, for online poker players entering the world of live poker, things can be a bit difficult at first and can throw their game off slightly. Here, we bring you some of the tells that can help you weed out online poker players from the rest of your opponents.

1. Online poker players are less familiar with the concept of blinds as they generally do not post them in their games. On the other hand, every live poker player will be aware of playing blind when their turn comes. A player that needs frequent reminding to post a blind is more likely to be an online player.

2. Online poker moves at a much faster pace than live poker. A player that is found to be restless at the pace of the game or constantly complaining about the time taken by players is sure to be an online player.

3. A player trying to make bets while including the decimal system is a major sign of an online poker player. They tend to forget that chips are formed of whole numerical values and often try to split their bets.

4. Online poker players are less schooled in controlling their emotions. A player that complains about everything or lacks basic live poker etiquette is sure to be a newbie at the live table.

5. A poker player that is constantly fiddling with their chips or needs to check the value of the different chips clearly reflects someone with lack of experience at the live tables and is more likely to be an online poker player.

6. Live poker players are better able to control their anger on a losing streak. On the other hand, an online poker player is more likely to yell or talk irritably as they aren’t used to conducting themselves in a social setting.

7. A commonly understood poker rule at the live table is generally to tip the dealer at the end. However, an online poker may not remember to do so and often miss out on this etiquette.

8. A player that asks if they can play at multiple tables because a single table game is too slow or boring, they are most likely to be newbies at live tables and he their experience mainly from playing online poker.

9. Online players are also likely to give their online handle instead of their real name. Anyone that claims to have numbers or special characters in their name is surely an online player.

10. Poker games often take time with breaks inserted ever so often. However, an online player is more likely to ask for more frequent breaks as they aren’t used to constantly sitting at a live table.

11. Live poker players are more commonly known by every poker enthusiast as compared to online poker players. The minute you overhear a player constantly referring to great players that haven’t made much news, you can be sure he’s spent a lot of time playing poker online.

12. Several poker sites offer free online poker games that allow users to play multiple games without worrying about losses. However, when it comes to live poker this isn’t the case. A player that is extremely upset after a loss or has extreme emotions is more likely to be an online player.

13. Live and online poker also use different terms for the same thing. For example, an online poker player is more likely to refer as the floor person as a moderator.

14. Online poker allows players to choose the stakes they are comfortable with which isn’t always possible at live poker. Online poker players tend to get upset if the stakes are higher than they are used and can be found complaining more frequently.

15. Live poker games involve a lot of common etiquette that may be missing in someone used to playing online. While minor mistakes are acceptable, anything which is disrespectful or distracting is majorly frowned upon.

16. In a tournament, online players are known to get tired much faster as most of the games take place from a computer screen in the comfort of their home.

17. People that are used to online poker consider themselves to be experts after winning a few rounds. However, at live poker tables, the situation can be vastly different.

When it comes to poker, there are vast differences between the physical and online world. If you are an online poker player, be sure to avoid these fatal mistakes that can give you away. Remember, winning in poker is a lot about deception and attitude, so behave like a live poker player pro and your opponents will treat you as such.


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