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Society 68 views Sep 12, 2017
About Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti

Folks associated with India celebrate various festivals. An excellent in india, this specific guru gobind singh jayanti is recognized by sikh people. This celebration is actually celebrated on Guru Gobind Singh’s birth anniversary.  This festival is to celebrate the birth anniversary of the Sikh Guru

Sikh’s 10th Guru

Guru Gobind Singh was the Tenth Guru of Punjabi Community. People associated with his generation love him because of their bravery, principles and values  Similarly, Guru Gobind Singh was noted for the spiritual teachings along with valiance  Because, having been stood against to public partiality, cruel establishments as well as unfairness.

Guru Gobind singh

When this Jayanti is celebrated?

Every year, Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is usually applauded on Dec or even Jan  As per the Gregorian calendar, sometimes it falls on both December and Jan. Sikh men and women celebrate the day by doing wishes and giving offerings  On this day, the Punjabi people pray for joys to the Guru along with arrange for large march pasts

Celebrate the day

By performing devotional songs during the cortège, folks distribute cold drinks as well as sweets among adults and children. These people gather at their place of worship gurudwaras and offer prayers. Without a detailed spread of delightful food, Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is incomplete   The life lessons and also verses of Guru are shared by parents as well as religious teachers on this occasion. Individuals commemorate the courage and braveness of Guru Gobind Singh on the battlefield on this special day  Having been the 10th Sikh Guru of the people  Guru followed his father as being the Tenth Sikh Guru when he was 9 years old

This individual inspired many people through their theories and also thoughts  Men and women applauded the Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti upon 5th January, 2017  Punjabi individuals famous the 350th birthday this year

 Gurudwara’s celebrations

 The people of Bihar and Patna, which is the birth place of the Guru celebrate this Jayanti  People exchange benefits along with greetings to the friends and family along with friends on this day

 Sikhs religious festival

On this faith based festival, the Sikh men and women offer prayers  Historical teachers are usually conducted on gurudwaras by the Sikh people

Delicious spread of foods

People prepare special dishes on this festivity and serve with others  Aside from being innovator, Guru Gobind Singh was a good writer as well as poet

There is no holiday provided to the people for this event  The Sikh folks can take leave to celebrate their own spiritual celebration

Based on the Nanaksahahi calendar, the Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti is recognized  Every year Sikh individuals celebrate this Jayanti in a grand way. Here are some original pictures of Guru Gobind singh ji to download.