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Tips for Choosing Comfortable Shoes If Feet Sizes are Different

Having different feet sizes is totally normal but it may make it complicated and expensive to find properly fitting and comfortable shoes. in most cases, people having different feet sizes resort to buying two pairs of footwear and then doing away with the ones that don’t fit properly.


There are a number of specialty shoe shops that allow people to buy individual shoes. The number of mortar as well as brick selling individual footwear and less. You can find a number of them online. The major drawback of shopping online is that you can try out the shoes. Also, the cost of shipping need to be paid. In addition, buying individual shoes is expensive. It is also hard to find single shoes of a specific name-brand or style or fashion.


As mentioned previously, the sizes of the feet are usually not the same. That is, the size of the left feet many be longer than the right one and vice versa. What that means is that one shoes may fit well in one the left feet but flop around or rub on the other foot. There are some people who wear thin trouser socks of the longer foot and fluffy socks of the smaller foot. But does that produce a desirable result?



Using Shoe Inserts

The common solution to this problem is using shoe inserts. These inserts are for Achilles tendon friction or heels. All you have to do is add them on the loose shoes. There are thin and thick shoe inserts. If you are planning to use thin ones then you should wear socks as well. The good thing about thick inserts is that they have excellent adhesives. Also, you don’t have to wear socks while using them. Shoes having thick heel cushions are also great.


You can also use snugs. You can put them at the heels and side of the shoes. Then, you can wear big socks on a smaller foot. You can as well add snugs at the tips of toes if toe boxes are too roomy. There are many stores selling shoe inserts. It is important to choose ones that work for you. You shouldn’t get worried if you have feet of different sizes. You can accommodate the smaller foot by using shoe inserts. But if shoe inserts aren’t ideal for you, buying two pairs of footwear can help. You can use the properly fitting ones and resell the mismatched pair.



How to Find Comfortable Shoes


Finding comfortable shoes isn’t simple if you have feet of different sizes. You see, the smaller shoe may cause rubbing or friction resulting into the formation of blisters including other feet problems. That is the reason why it is imperative to choose shoes that fit properly and snugly on both feet. What you should do is call the shoe seller if they have the right shoes for you. Also, you can ask him or her if they are selling individual shoes or what they have in store for people like you.


Lee Catherine is the author of this article on comfortable shoes. Find more information about mens canvas shoes.