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Technology 84 views Aug 09, 2017
Unable To Delete Redundant Message With Conversation Clean Up I

Outlook mailing is big platform where you get lots of amazing features. It provides unique features like conversation clean up option. It can reduce number of message in outlook folder. Conversation is like talk between two or more people in which ideas, information, thoughts is exchanged. Main purpose of mailing service is send mail to another person in digital format and your information will exchange easily between one or two person. When you send message to one person and then another person replies to that mail then conversation occurs. It contains all responses from many recipients.


Redundant mean repetition of words in conversation. Conversation cleans up delete redundant message in outlook and deletes older message except the last one in the conversation. Mailing service has many advantage and disadvantage. It provides free mail account to many outlook users who are using this mailing service for personal and professional work. Conversation is like in which you can answer the questions.  There are some steps are described related remove redundant message :-


  • Open your outlook account and choose home option in the delete section. Choose clean up option.
  • There are different options like clean up conversation in which you can delete current conversation.
  • Second is clean up folder in which you can review all conversation in particular folder.
  • Third is clean up folder and subfolder in which you can review all conversation in selected folder and any folder.

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