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Business 138 views Aug 09, 2017
Cell Phone Spy App Reviews: Our Top Three Choices

It’s hard to imagine a life without smartphones. From shopping to doing business or even keeping track of your diet plans, there’s nothing that a smart phone cannot do. Sadly, in the hands of the wrong person, it can have disastrous consequences. You can also use it to keep a tab on your loved ones. A cell phone spy does so much more than track someone’s chat or email correspondence. If you’re planning to buy one, read our cell phone spy reviews to know which ones are the best:

Auto Forward

The Auto Forward spy app is used by thousands of parents to monitor their children. The app is easy to install and intuitive to use. At $69 it is not cheap, but they offer a host of features, including GPS tracking and remote locking. Besides, they carry a 30-day refund policy as well. With the Auto Forward spy app, you can spy someone’s text and email messages, WhatsApp messages, social media activities, and even view call logs. You can spy a person’s web browser history, and peek into their photo and video gallery. You can remotely lock the phone. Or, if you think that the spied person has become suspicious, you can even remotely uninstall the app.

Highster Mobile

This app is compatible with Android and iOS systems but is one of the best iPhone spy apps in the market. Highster Mobile allows you to spy on your children’s phone, or your employer’s smart phone to track their internet activities. Anything that your child was ever searching for will be displayed on the app. Worried about losing your elderly parents? Install the app and activate their GPS tracker. You do not have to jailbreak your iPhone to install the Highster Mobile app.  It allows you to read text messages, email conversations, chats, WhatsApp messages and more. You can spy on a person’s video and photo gallery, and even control it live remotely through a laptop or phone.


The SurePoint cell phone spy app is available for iOS and Android users. It’s affordable and easy to install as well – download the app from the app store, install, and you’re ready to use. You can check user’s browser history, spy their social media profiles, read their email conversations, chats, WhatsApp messages, and even browse call logs. You can even access their names, numbers, and email address as well.

Bullies and scammers are trolling around the web. What are you doing to protect your loved ones?