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Arts & Culture 273 views Dec 11, 2017
3D Crystal Shapes and Designs

3D crystal can be a stunning, absolutely remarkable way to store a memory. If a photograph is worth a thousand words, a photograph etched into 3D crystal must be worth a million words. Regardless of whether it's a picture of an important moment in your life, for example, a wedding, a graduation or a birth, a photo of a friend or family member that you need to keep close, or basically a happy memory that you need to save, 3D photo crystal gives a stunning alternative to feature your memories.


When you have the photograph, focus on the crystal. You need to decide what kind of crystal you need it carved into. There is an assortment of choices for you to pick the best shape to impeccably compliment your crystal pictures.


The Prestige shape truly would look great in a work area or mantle, the agile shape reminiscent of an award. This sort could be the ideal celebration to a noteworthy achievement in life, for example, graduation or the birth of a child!


The Train shape preferably fits landscape oriented crystal pictures, enabling the whole photograph to fit completely in the 3D frame and none of the points of interest to be removed.


The Flat sort likewise is again the ideal shape for landscape oriented crystal pictures, however, it doesn't concentrate as much on the 3D angle, and is smaller.


The Tower is ideal for representation of portrait oriented crystal pictures- let a friend or family member or extraordinary catch stand tall around your work area or on a bookshelf!


The Heart shape is perfect to show your love for someone. Keep that special person close in a Heart shape crystal. Truly, what could be more sentimental than a photograph of you two carved perpetually in a heart-formed crystal?


The Diamond shape is truly one of a kind. Searching for literally an edgy alternative? Pick the Diamond shape for a crystal that stands on its edge! It'll keep your memory flickering while at the same time looking somewhat different!


Of course, don't forget you can add a text caption or even an illustration to the crystal. Why not even have one of your child's drawings immortalized? With all of the choices, you will be able to find the perfect way to keep your memory fresh and sparkling in 3D crystal!

You will find all of the above shapes and much more at 3D Laser Land. They have to offer 3D crystals for all gifting occasions like Christmas etc. Here you can create customized 3D photo crystals. Pick a shape and send your photo. The rest will be done for you. Not only this, you can find LED light bases for your 3D crystals to give them a completely unique look. If you haven’t checked them out yet, click here to view their collection.