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Travel 356 views Sep 26, 2017
Everglades Airboat Tours in Miami

Everglades Airboat Tours in Miami are a must do whenever you are visiting Miami. It is something which should be tried at least once. If you like to have fun then why not have some adventure by picking up airboat in everglades Miami, FL for you and your family. Ride the Wind gives you the unique opportunity of piloting the airboat yourself. An expert co-pilot with more than 30 years of experience will be present in case the need arises.


The best experience of an Everglades Airboat Tour in Miami is to get a personal airboat ride for approximately 2 hours where you will get to see one of the most beautiful scenic experience you have ever had. Lush green trees all around you for a stretch of 36 miles along the famous Everglades is an experience that you will get on no other airboat. Airboats in Everglades Miami, have the capacity to carry around 4 to 8 adults including a couple of children also.


The wildlife Everglades Airboat Tours in Miami is almost like a theme park ride that lets you experience thrill and beauty at the same time. If you are lucky, you will be able to spot various animals along your way. Along the coast, you will be able to spot Leather back turtle and endangered Florida Panthers that are considered very rare animals. Everglades is spread across more than 1.5 million acres which is home to the famous Florida Alligators (Gators), which is the primary spot of attraction for the tourists. Airboat in Everglades Miami, cause no harm to these cold-blooded animals. Hence, these can be seen in abundance usually across the coast or sometimes near the bay, relaxing under the sun. There are private airboat rides in everglades Miami. They provide the customized experience of an airboat where their goal is to entertain and educate your family.


It can be a difficult task to pick the best Airboat in Everglades Miami, with so many vendors to provide you the same service. But is the service really the same? We suggest that it is something that probably you are going to do only once. Therefore pick the ride that is the best and not the cheapest. Book your ride with one of the most trusted Everglades Airboat Tours in Miami which has experienced captains with whom you feel safe. Captain Randy Meeker has been with Ride the Wind for more than 16 years now and has a total experience of more than 40 years of riding an airboat. You would certainly want someone like him co-piloting your boat when your loved ones are in there. So now that you know in and out about Airboat in everglades Miami, hurry up and book your ride for the next trip that you are planning to have.