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Arts & Culture 296 views Aug 16, 2017
Wedding Photography Tips: Outdoor Weddings

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in Orlando and want some tips on wedding photography, keep reading. Planning an outdoor wedding in Orlando can be quite stressful. And, choosing the right wedding photographer and making sure your wedding photography turns out to be just the way you had imagined, can add to the pressure. If you have just started planning for your wedding photography and have absolutely no clue on how to get started, here are a few tips for you:


Prepare for the worse: Orlando wedding photography can be tough. Even the best Orlando wedding photographers do not have control over some things, such as the weather. Orlando wedding photography becomes tricky because one minute it is sunny and the other minute it could be raining. So, while planning for your wedding photography, keep in mind that it might start raining suddenly, or you may not be able to find the hairclip you wanted to wear. Relax, do not let these things affect you because we do not want a worried bride. Enjoy your day no matter what and smile for the camera.

Timing of the Ceremony: the best time for an outdoor wedding is just 2–3 hours before sunset. This time is ideal for best wedding photography in Orlando weather conditions. This time of the day makes sure that your wedding photos have soft tone. Few hours before sunset is perfect for wedding photography because there are no harsh shadows and angling the wedding photos becomes easier. Also, at this time, the light falls evenly, so wedding photography comes out great. The light falls evenly on both the bride and groom and it is not like one person is too much in the sun while the other is in the shadow.


Tent reception: Often in Orlando, people go for a tent reception after an outdoor wedding. Use light colors for the tent if you want your wedding photography pictures to come out well. White will probably be the best color for evening tent receptions. It allows the colors to get highlighted. Adding lots of chandeliers and lights and candles can make the whole experience of wedding photography all the more beautiful. The wedding photos would come out to be soft and romantic.

Outdoor reception: if, after the outdoor Orlando wedding, you still want to go for an outdoor reception as well, remember the lights. For wedding photography in an evening reception, lights are very important. Your wedding photographer will probably advise you to add lots of candles, strings of twinkle lights etc. These will add warmth to your wedding photography pictures. And, if you happen to go for colored lights, go for colors that complement each other. If you are not sure, it is best to avoid too many colored lights. They ruin the warm effect in wedding photography.


If you are looking for an Orlando wedding photographer to cover your wedding and give you the best results, A Magic Moment are the best Orlando photographer for weddings. They have expertise in outdoor weddings and provide you with the best results.