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Travel 2,096 views Jun 21, 2017
What To Buy In Italy For The Best Bargains

When travelling, it is inevitable that you would go and shop. Part of travelling is to shop especially for souvenirs to take home. That is true for any part of the world you would go to. Italy would certainly be a good place to shop. There are many items to get in Italy, though there are a few ones that are recommended as well as where to get them. This is a small guide as to what to buy in Italy.

Flea Markets

One of the best places to shop are flea markets. Many items that are sold them will likely be cheap. Finding unusual items are also quite common in flea markets. Bargain items such as used clothes could be found there. Vintage items also make their way into them. Antiques can be found in places like Piazza San Zeno in Verona on Sundays in the Fall.

For those looking for clothes, there is the Mercatino del Borghetto Flaminio in Rome. Clothes at bargain prices can be found there. Even if they’re slightly worn, they are sure to be a great find.


Of course, travelling and shopping won’t be complete without clothes, and Italy can be a great place to buy clothes. The aforementioned Mercatino del Borghetto Flaminio is one place to get bargain clothes. It is not the only place though. If you head on to Padua, the Market in Piazza Erbe can be a good place to find clothes as well. It not only a good place to buy clothes, but you can also enjoy the local cuisine there.

Via Mazzini in Verona is home to the more traditional shops that offer designer brands. For clothes and accessories, you can head there for them. In Rome, Via Condotti and the Spanish Steps are the places to go to for any designer brand. These places have designer brands from all over the world. For more designer brands, you can also visit Milan and the Quadrilatero d’Oro where they can be found.


Another good item to get from Italy are masks, and for that Venice would be the place to go to. One place there where Venetian masks are made is Mondo Novo. The place is where masks made of papier-mache can be found. Masks can be bought for as little as $20 to $30. If you would go to Venice on February, there is also a carnival in which Venetian masks are featured.

Another good Venetian masks maker is shown in a video here: Venetian masks are gorgeous, so make sure to get a Venetian mask as one of the souvenirs from Italy.

There are more tips as to where in Italy could be found good items to buy. Check out the article here: for more details.


Travelling also means souvenirs. Getting little trinkets either as a giveaway or adding them as a collection can be rewarding. You can go to the Leaning Tower of Pisa to not only enjoy viewing it, but also to browse into the shops near it. Piazza Del Miracoli has a large collection of souvenir shops. This is the place to get trinkets like refrigerator magnets, postcards and more.

How To Shop

In flea markets, bargaining is more the norm. Expect to haggle until you get to an agreement as to the best price for an item. It would also be good to shop at certain times, such as those when sale for certain items are at a low point. Many sellers are looking to dispose their items then, and you would be able to get the items at a much cheaper price. Haggling works even for the more expensive shops, so always be prepared to talk with sellers until you can come to an agreed price.

In Italy as well, there is a law wherein you need to get the receipt for items purchased, so always ask for the receipt whenever getting an item. A fine might be imposed if you don’t have a receipt for an item purchased.

One caveat is that there are a number of counterfeit goods being sold even in Italy. Designer labels are usually the ones being counterfeited, so be careful when buying especially in flea markets. Though flea markets in general are great to get bargain items, they can be home for counterfeit goods as well. A fine could be imposed if you are found with a counterfeit item.

For more shopping hints, head on over to the article here:

Some good videos about spotting counterfeits can be found online. Be sure to learn about them. A video shows how to spot counterfeit Chanel bags:

Another video discusses how to tell a counterfeit item from a real one:

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 Final Word

Shopping can be fun. When travelling, shopping would always be part of the experience. The best items could be found not in malls, but in flea markets and bargain shops. Go look for them there, and you will likely find something worth getting. It would depend on you as to what to buy in Italy, as there are a number of interesting items to get there.