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Business 2,356 views Mar 24, 2019
Marketing Mistakes for IT Companies – And What To Do Instead


Knowing how to market your company is an essential part of owning or managing a successful business in any industry.


If you’re operating within the IT industry, however, where the market has become highly saturated and extremely competitive in recent years, there’s even more reason to be at the top of your game.


Now, you aren’t only competing against legacy companies, but you are also having to prove you have what it takes to overcome new competitors.


The best way to do this is to make sure that your marketing strategy is as solid and efficient as it possibly can be.


Unfortunately, many IT companies are still making big mistakes that could be holding them back, and damaging their reputations catastrophically.


The good thing is that there are ways you can change, and the best place to start is by finding out what marketing “No No’s” you are guilty of so that you can make changes today.


We aren’t just going to leave it at that and force you to figure your own way out of your mess, however; instead, we’ll provide you with actionable solutions that will help you get on a straighter road to B2B marketing success!


Neglecting The Need For A Website

In the age of the internet, the vast majority of consumers will research a business or the services they require online before making a purchase.


Despite this, many companies assume that they will be fine without a website, instead sticking to word-of-mouth and advertisement based platforms like social media.


Especially with IT companies, which tend to be specialized and offer services that can be done remotely, having a website to connect with your target audience is an absolute essential part of your marketing strategy.

You can use it to promote your products or services, and entice new customers with testimonials that prove your credibility.


More than that, however, it provides customers—both current and new—with a direct line of communication.


This allows you to be on hand to support them as and when they need it, giving you a good reputation for customer service which may be beneficial with other marketing strategies.


Ignoring The Need For Content Marketing


You might assume that dedicating a chunk of your marketing budget isn’t essential in the age of social media, where most people are influenced by what they see on social media.


If done right, however, content marketing has the ability to drive web traffic, generate more leads and boost the online visibility of your company or mobile app.


In fact, it’s so important that 95 percent of B2B tech marketers say that they actively use content marketing, with 75 percent of these saying their IT companies will produce more content in 2019 than the year before.


Knowing what to produce content wise and doing so consistently isn’t an easy task, however, and one that takes patience to come up with.


The main thing to consider is whether the content you’re producing has genuine value to your customers.


As an IT company, you want to be thinking about how your content is highlight a return on investment in your promotion posts, and how it encourages people to stick around on your more generalized posts.


It’s recommended that you stick to the 80/20 rule when it comes to promotion, with about 80% of your content related to non-promotional tools.


This could include information about the latest news in your business, why one piece of IT technology is better than another, or how to troubleshoot certain problems people are regularly searching for.


Not Continuously Improving Your Online Presence


Brand awareness is becoming increasingly important in the IT industry, where new companies—both national and off shore—are popping up on a weekly basis.


With so many competitors, making sure that your customers understand that you offer more value than other businesses can is the only way you are going to receive a consistent intake of new clients.


So many people assume that implementing SEO practices to appear somewhere on the first page of Google gives you a good enough chance of success, but in a market as competitive as this one? No chance!


Digital Authority Partners reports that 60 percent of users only click on the top 3 organic search results, which means you need to be on the very top of the first page to be noticed.


When there’s so much competition out there, however, it’s difficult to get to this position. You have to incorporate a number of different digital marketing strategies to get there.


These digital marketing strategies should provide genuine value to your customers, and build on one another to complete a comprehensive strategy that helps customers get to know your company and becomes aware of your online presence.


Ignoring Customer Retention Strategies


In most of this article, we have spoken about how to use marketing tactics to engage new customers as an IT company.


As we’re sure you’re aware, however, one-off customers are not going to provide you with the traction you need to be a successful business.


They will dwindle, and although some will repeat purchases organically, the vast majority will disappear without bothering to bookmark your website.

It’s important to remember that selling to an existing customer is far easier than trying to gain new customers, so putting in an effort to do this is crucial.


There are a few different ways that you can do this, including using retargeting ads on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, building your online presence, and creating an email newsletter to attract people back to your website with exclusive discounts.



As you can tell from this article, marketing yourself as an IT company is extremely tricky. In an oversaturated market, making sure you stand out is getting harder, and making marketing mistakes makes climbing to the top that much harder.


With tips that include raising your online efforts, and adjusting your efforts to include retaining customers in addition to acquiring them, you are going to have better chances of outdoing your competitors and raising crucial business for your company going forwards.


At the end of the day, marketing your IT company will take time, and there will be mistakes along the way. We hope our article has helped you to avoid some of the more common ones, however, so that you can get on the road to success far sooner than you might’ve otherwise! Not sure where to start? Check out this list of consulting companies that can you propel your marketing strategies into the future.