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Technology 844 views Oct 10, 2018
Now solution is available for Quickbooks Error -6000

Quickbooks Error -6000 is one of the common QuickBooks issues that can bring troubles to QuickBooks users. If you are facing this error code, there is nothing to worry. By applying the right methods, one can easily resolve this issue. Here in this post, I am going to represent some quick and simple methods. The methods are going to help you get through this common QB issue. Check out the post carefully and find the possible solutions for this issue.

No matter how well-known or how many advanced features QuickBooks has, some common issues always occur. Because of this kind of minor issues, many users face problems with their bank transaction process or other important tasks. If you are facing this issue frequently, then all you need to do is finding for a quick but effective resolution. You can find that in this post.

QuickBooks is an accounting software that helps any sized of business. This is an essential tool that helps you manage your account data, transaction report and many other relevant important tasks. Quickbooks error code -6000,-832 error code can appear every now and then due to several reasons. While working with your QuickBooks account while keeping a report of your account transaction history, you can encounter this error. But if you choose to find the quick resolution tips, then it is going to be easy for you to resolve the issue in no time. But before going to the resolution methods, you need to figure out what causing this problem. Check out the below section to find the details of this Quickbooks error code -6000.

Details of the Quickbooks error code -6000- Why Is It Occurring?

There can be various reasons behind a single error code. And the resolution process can also be different. But always remember, that if you get to know what causes the issue, then it will be easier for you to resolve it in no time. Let’s find out below what can be the reasons for this Quickbooks error code -6000 keeps appearing.


  • Improper installation of QuickBooks accounting software
  • Quickbooks error 6000 832 is occurring because your internet connection is weak
  • Maybe your QB software is unable to communicate with your account via server
  • QuickBooks error message 6000 is appearing due to improper folder permission
  • You are running your QB software at the multi-user mode

Due to this reasons, your QB company files can be damaged. That’s why you are facing the error message quite frequently. But you can recover the error by performing some simple tasks. Let’s find out how.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error-6000

You can perform some easy and simple steps to resolve this error message. As a first method, you can restart your computer. This will help you to erase all the system glitches that may be preventing your easy access to QuickBooks software. As a second resolution method, you can uninstall and reinstall your Quickbooks software. Or also you can update the latest version of our QuickBooks accounting software. If any of these can’t help, then you can select the option to recover all your QuickBooks account data by going to the data recovery option.

Sometimes this error also occurred in the sage software, sage is similar to Quickbooks, it is also an accounting software which handles business accounting and many more task related to accounting, user faces this error in Sage too, user can resolve this error through same by reinstall or uninstall your software, but still this error is occurring then immediately contact our experts through Sage Chat Support who are certified  

Hope these resolution steps can help you with the issue. If you are still struggling, drop a comment below.