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Technology 324 views Oct 10, 2018
Customer Support Channels a SaaS Business Should Use


More than anything else, a SaaS business should concentrate on improving the domain of customer experience. Although most businesses either concentrate on improving the quality of their products or services in this competitive price market, findings of recent surveys have shown that the field of customer service is likely to overshadow the former in the near future. Also, according to latest findings, businesses that develop good customer support solution and deliver good customer satisfaction generate more revenue than their counterparts. Hence, in this technology driven age of automated service, the importance and need of developing customer support software is becoming increasingly vital. Especially if you own a SaaS business, and you are in the lookout of getting an edge over your rivals, trust blindly on developing the most suitable channels for customer service.

Include emails

Emails is one of the most trusted and humble ways to start communicating with your customer. Emails offer fast service and the customer can address their grievance or get in touch with you at any given time of the day.

Emails are wonderful when it comes to adding a personal touch in communicating with your customers, and if used in the right way, it helps in generating a happy and satisfied customer base.

Phone calls

The mother of all customer support channels, phone calls are a classic way of getting connecting with your customer. This method has been used since times immemorial and has yielded results. Even in this era of automated responses, customers insist in calling hotline numbers to address their problems. It gives them a proper channel to vent out the issues they are facing in the most appropriate way. For a SaaS business, the most common system would be to set up a call centre, if you are ready to bear the cost of outsourcing. Ensure that the customer support representative is trained with the required skills.

Using live chats

In today’s competitive marketing ambience, consumers have high expectations which your business should fulfil. Most SaaS companies use emails and phone calls for contacting their customers, but how about thinking above these tried and tested methods and developing something else, something new? Try out live chats. Live chats are the new ‘in’ thing and are one of the best methods of meeting customer expectations. Developing a live chat system helps a SaaS business in more ways than one- not only does it help in addressing issues but also helps in getting to know the customer better. When customers are on your website and are on the lookout for a particular service, they can simply ask for it in the chat and instantly receive the answer. It’s that simple! Also, it’s free for the customer- he or she doesn’t have to call on the hotline number which may cost them a few bucks.

Social media

When it comes to addressing issues, hitting an email may be the first thing that comes to a customer’s mind. But surprisingly, recent surveys have shown that emails are not the most used platforms when it comes to registering complaints. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s social media. More than ever before, the 21st century tech-suave consumers are getting in touch with businesses via social media. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, social media is being used extensively by consumers all around the world. Social media is a great place for not only addressing issues but also letting them known- there is transparency in the entire process. Also, when similar issues are addressed by many, a customer may not feel the need to even post the issue, as he or she has already found out the answer.


Self service is one of the best ways of creating customer empowerment. Not all customers have the desire, need  or knowledge of addressing mails or phone calls. They are more keen on solving issues themselves. For these customers, self-service is the best solution. One of the most classic ways of doing it is creating a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page where a host of questions and their answers are typed out. The consumer can simply visit the page, scan through the content and find out the solutions to their problems all by themselves. Self-service is one of the best channels of customer support software as it is inexpensive and time saving. You can save a lot of time as you do not have to answer phone calls or type long mails explaining the problem in detail to the customer.

App support

Since customers spend more time on your app than website, it can be a great way to offer customer support round the clock. Get your customer support team to handle the mobile app support efficiently and devise a simple and easy app support system wherein the customer can quickly find a solution to their problems.

The aforementioned channels combined together are sure to yield wonderful results as it helps in creating a happy customer. If you want your SaaS business to generate increased revenue, it’s high time you start developing proper customer support app channels as they are bound to yield results in the long run.