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Technology 586 views Oct 10, 2018 Provides Affordable SMTP Relay Service Options uses bulk email marketing service options for bulk emailing which makes the entire cost 3X lesser. This is one of the most cheapest options available in the market if you are planning to send newsletters or promotions on a large scale. SMTP is the right choice particularly for the email marketing service providers who deliver what they promise. ensures that the email reaches the right target audience given that the involvement of the SMTP servers enable them to deliver Bulk emails without landing up in the junk mail box or without making it marked as spam.


You can compare the results and overview them overtime all due to its effective tracking mechanism designed to give you an overview regarding your campaign. It is due to the cheap smtp service offered by that the bounce back activity reported is extremely minimal. The users have noticed extremely effective email delivery service as a result.


SMTP mail servers are easy to setup and have delivered good results to many email marketing service providers, this is one of the many reasons uses it as a medium for email marketing. According to latest research about 67.7% people are active on smartphones and thus would chose templates on their phones, uses SMTP to provide mobile friendly templates which makes it extremely convenient to choose from.


When a comparison is drawn between email marketing done through SMTP servers and other alternatives, the delivery rate observed was phenomenal for the SMTP server emails delivered. Email Marketing Service Providers who failed at getting results delivered, when moved to this alternative, got more new customers as a result of using SMTP servers for bulk emailing. ‘Email Marketing Guide’ keeps you updated with latest email marketing trends and offers you the latest solutions for email marketing. Thereby, the users of can setup new email marketing goals for their business each time a new email marketing is introduced in the market. The up to date services used for bulk emailing and the ability to monitor and evaluate the campaign is what makes stand out among many other service providers.


SMTP servers provide complete email marketing solutions and are really cheap for users to consider yearly subscription plans. The fast email delivery service is the reason why this email marketing service provider is chosen among other service providers for bulk emailing.


For More information regarding Bulkresponse’s smtp relay feature please visit


BulkResponse is the only Bulk Email Program along with Mass Email Marketing services which allows it's users to import unlimited contacts. Since 2003, core team of Bulk Response has been providing email marketing services to a large number of email marketing agencies across the globe, mostly in background. Throughout this time, we have improved and matured our email marketing skills and are now considered to be the most reputed email marketing service providers in the industry.


Our commitments to our clients are rock solid. That is one of the primary reason why we drive our majority of business through repeat clients. We serve small and medium corporations mostly from USA, UK, Germany France and other EU countries.