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Relationships 424 views Oct 02, 2018
How to Make New Friends?

Making friends at a university can be quite an intimidating process – especially if you plan on sticking with the group of your friends for the next three to four years! So here are a few tips to get your back covered in one of the most essential aspects of university life.


  • Understanding That Friendships and Different from Networking


As discussed earlier, the blog on networking explained how one must be careful about accessing the people they are with and seeming their potential worth. Unlike that, a strict personality assessment is not necessary for building good friendships. Just get out there are socialize with everyone about your casual life experiences – or the ones pertaining to your university progress. You will find the good people whom you can click with.


  • Choose Friends Who Can Help You Grow


It is a given fact the five closest people in your life influence you the most. Hence, pick your influences wisely. Engaging in meaningless conversations and gossiping might sound like fun to you, but a mature individual should be more focused on personal growth. This can only come from constant encouragement, motivation, and reminders from friends. So keep in mind that if a person has anything substantial to offer – like an attribute that you would like to adopt, a skill that you would wish to learn or simply picking good, positive influences.


  • Always Offer Help


You do not realize the valuable bonds that you can make once you offer genuine help to others. Always be on the lookout for helping out others in need. This way you will not find yourself alone in times of need. Plus, this attribute is essential for creating a positive and more giving community. You will be remembered in good terms and this is necessary for building stronger bonds. Just keep in mind that you are not allowing people to take advantage of you. Thesis Writing Help has thrived in a short amount of time because it is willing to offer prompt help to numerous students from various institutes – this is a core value that makes a positive community.  


  • Be Kind to Everyone Irrespective of Ulterior Motives


Another reminder of how networking is different from forming new friendships is that you do not build relations based on fulfilling goals later in life. Instead, make sure that you are genuine in the way you conduct yourself. The trait that outshines the most within your kindness – hence never miss a chance to show it to the world without any bias. Even if it means going out of the way to help your peers, do not stop yourself. Most students end up resorting to online help like OBU thesis writing service since they are never able to receive any feedback or support from their peers.


  • Shun the Idea of Groups


Having a few close friends is a good idea to stay focused in your hectic university years, but do not restrict yourself to a particular group. Go out and socialize with everyone and take out the time to sit with the people of your batch. There is a difference between picking good influences and creating a positive vibe and community around you. You may hang out frequently with the few close friends that you make, but do not let them restrict you from being friendly with everyone.


  • Start Socializing on the Very First Day


The number one survival code for any university is to socialize with everyone on the very first day – whether it is for networking purposes or simply to make new friends. People are generally more receptive on the first few months of the university until the study pressure begins – hence you must use this as an opportunity to at least introduce yourself to everyone.

In end, your university years are all about building a successful career so you should not worry too much about getting the best of the best friendships; simply follow this tips and go with the flow!

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