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Entertainment 150 views Sep 28, 2018
Top 5 players of the "golden season" made the rain in FIFA Onli

Ronaldinho's strengths include dribbling (91), ball handling (91), clever (89), and 5-star performance. Ronaldinho ss7 always mastered the ball handling situations. At the very beginning, Ronaldinho was considered an entertainer in the field, a magician in the FUT 19 Coins field with skillful techniques and a sore thumb.

At the old engine, M. Essien is the No. 1 CDM player in FIFA Online 3, without FIFA 19 Coins any argument, there is no player comparable to the Ghanaian because of the old engine, the bodybuilding of the players. Not to be emphasized, they emphasize the strength and ability of the players. With M. Essien in the 08th season, with a strong physical foundation and extreme situations with physical strength (90), ball pictures (87), balance (85), etc. along with hardcore indicators Make M. Essien a monster in front of the ring at the old engine.

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  • 09 Oct 2018
    FIFA Online 3's gameplay changed drastically, but there was one thing in common: the improvement of the wing beat. In the current gameplay, winged attacking head is at the throne, many coaches even claim that the style is "bug" in the fictional style. Also with the free kick to Buy FIFA 19 Coins defensively defender of many coaches, sure cross-head shot would be the most effective solution to get the goal. To adapt to the current style of FIFA Online 3, which striker should you choose?Giroud is nicknamed "wood leg" by the fans for being so bad. But in FIFA Online 3, Giroud is a monster in the 16EC season. At the start of this season, many coaches looking at the French striker's stats have felt a bit "fictitious" because they do not understand Nexon based on FIFA 19 Coins for sale what makes the Giroud 16EC so high.
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  • 08 Oct 2018
    SW is an abbreviation of the Sweeper - a position in the tactical scheme of football. Sweeper is, in fact, a center defender, the lowest player in the defender and sometimes only on the goalkeeper! This is a position that has appeared in the tactics of football since long ago and was pushed to Buy FIFA 19 Coins the top in the 90s. The most tactical team to use SW is the map has three central defenders 5-3-2 with a deepest SW back.What do the central defenders do on the field? Like many defenders, the main task of center defenders is to defend. In the three central defenses, SW plays the lowest to cover for mistakes of the team as well as prevent in the most important situations. In addition to defensive missions, SWs are often used as real shadows. The central defenders are capable of passing the ball, holding the rhythm or even launching attacks very well. It is because of the ability to launch such attacks that the SW is later "evolved" into a libero player in FUT 19 Coins the free position and even attacked them even when playing in the center of defense!
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  • 06 Oct 2018
    LP season ticket is specifically Loyal Player Season, this is a package for players who stick with a club for 5 years or more. This is a player card promising to bring Vietnamese players fresh winds of quality when there are players who own very good indicators such as Iniesta (89), L. Messi (89), C. Ronaldo (88), F. Totti (88), ... but the most awaited FIFA Online 3 fans in Vietnam are probably Y. Toure with 88. Look at the "dream" A box-to-box midfielder like Y. Toure in FIFA 19 Coins . On the homepage of FIFA Online 3, Thailand posted an image along with the status line saying that the LP season ticket will arrive in Thailand in the near future. Keep in mind that Vietnamese servers regularly update from Thai servers for a few weeks to Buy FIFA 19 Coins a week, which means that the Loyal Player Season card will land in Vietnam for a short period of time.  
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  • 29 Sep 2018
    Emerging as one of the "worst" accounts of FIFA Online 2 SEA must mention account named "HT + 10" your name is Thang Pham - who recently sold his Account for 1 HaiPhat named Doan Anh Tuan at the unbelievable price of a pirated game like FIFA Online 2, 15 million (including 5 million brokerage money). The number of 15 million is not large, but it should be remembered that this game server is not working properly, the risk of the game collapse is quite high. However, passion is all, have to Buy FIFA 19 Coins say that FIFA Online 2 is still a memorable game in Vietnam. True to the name of "HT + 10", the highlight of this lineup is that all 11 players are legendary card players and have a level of +10 cards such as F. Beckenbauer, F. Hierro, Zico, E. Cantona , With an average of about 5000 players. After the hands of giants Hai Phong, all 11 players +10 of account "HT + 10" are transferred to the official account of the land giants. In addition to the +10 names of the FIFA 19 Coins legendary players, the squad also owns the legendary names of legendary players such as: W. Rooney +9, Sergio Ramos +9, Xavi + 9, ...
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  • 28 Sep 2018
    Also in the old engine, when the gap is extremely dangerous and can adjust the player trend in a comfortable way, F. Torres emerged as the number one striker in FIFA Online 3. Points Torres ss09's speed was at speed (85), acceleration (85) and sharp sharpness with an end-to-end index of 87 being considered the highest at the time. The ability to select positions as well as high reaction makes Torres extremely advantageous in situations where running and attacking offside trap to Buy FIFA 19 Coins surprise the opponent's defense. At the beginning of the game, D. Drogba season 10 emerged as the top striker in the game. At that time, Drogba ss10 and Torres ss9 bed as in two opposite schools. If Torres is delicate, speed and intelligent travel, then Drogba is the power, the ability to wither the thunderstart situation. Ibrahimovic 11 is considered one of the most comprehensive striker in FIFA Online 3 not only at the old engine but to the present time. In Ibrahimovic 11, the power has, the ability to drag the ball has, definitely, the height of 1m95 with 95kg makes Ibrahimovic is too big compared to the defense of the opponent. In addition to FIFA 19 Coins for sale the 5 star techniques that make the situation Shift-oriented and the situation QS, DS proved to be very beneficial.
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  • 07 Oct 2018
    Nexon America, a subsidiary of NEXON Co., Ltd. ("Nexon") (3659.TO), is a leading global provider of online games with more than 100 live games in Maplestory M Mesos for sale more than 190 countries. Leading the way in microtransactions and the free-to-play business model, Nexon has unrivaled global expertise in sophisticated live game operations, cultivating player communities and maintaining titles over years, even decades. Founded in Korea in 1994, the company is headquartered in Japan and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.   In 2017, Nexon was included in the Nikkei Stock Index 300. The source language in which the original text is published is the official and authorized version. Translations will be included for a better understanding. Only the language version published in the Maplestory M Mesos original is legal. Compare translations with the original language version of the publication.  
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