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  • 05 Sep 2017
    Facebook Messenger Introduced New Fun Video Features  Facebook messenger since its emergence, has been working perfectly for the users. It has various features and functionalities that has kept users busy exploring it and using it as per the requirement. With the amazing features and functionalities, Facebook messenger has left behind all competitors apart and has gained the top position in the app world. Being compatible with Android and iOS device, it can be easily used in a flawless way. The only limitation is that you cannot access the all the features in the Facebook interface as chat application is embedded within it. Facebook tech support phone number  +1-855-510-0777 can be contacted to know about the features and its functionalities that need to be implemented while using messenger app installed on the smartphone device. Though there are various features in Facebook messenger, the newest one that has been added to the crown is fun videos. Lets know more about fun video feature in FB messenger Reactions Filters Masks Screenshotting and Sharing Elaborations are as follows: Users are able to react in video chats  with love , laughter  and showing other emojies like sad or anger This fun video feature will add cartoons on your face lik heart and other animal schema to show more caring effects. The filter feature has been added most prominent among them is subtle tweaks to bold color changes. The animations coming up on the mask as the face is being moved has been upgraded to certain level The last or final feature we are talking about in Facebook messenger is the ability to share screenshots during chat If you are actually bored using the obsolete features in Facebook messenger, then here what you should look for with family and friends while using fun video features . If you have started using these amazing fun video features, that’s its really good. Facebook messenger is very soon coming up more exciting features that can keep you entertained throughout. In case, you are not able to use fun video features, then its actually important to contact Facebook technical support helpline experts to avail much necessary help during the hour of need.            
    851 Posted by austin walker
  • 19 Jul 2017
    Nowadays Facebook has become a necessity for a large number of people across the world. There are numerous addictive features on Facebook, which are quite easy to use and prove out to be quite beneficial to the users. These features are used by different users as per their needs and requirements. You can either choose the option to post status updates, send messages, upload images, upload videos, and perform certain tasks that you may find out to be useful. You can also use the advanced options that are available to the developers, well-known personalities, and media persons to interact with your fans and carry out the tasks that you may find out to be useful. If you own a business, you can also use it to advertise your brand and thereby attract more and more customers. But sometimes you may come across a problem where the Facebook page may not be loading properly. In such a case you need to perform the tasks in a stepwise manner that is mentioned below. If you do not wish to go through the technical jargon mentioned below, you can dial Facebook customer support number for Facebook password recovery and other related issues to get the problem fixed by the experts.   Visit  : facebook tech support  Facebook Toll-free number: +1-855-510-0777    
    542 Posted by austin walker
  • 05 Sep 2017
    Are you feeling frustrated because of the Facebook issues? Yes, then you need to try our toll-free Facebook phone number 1-855-510-0444 which will connect you to the experts who are working all the time for their customers and they will make sure that you will be assisted in a great manner and get some positive feedback from your side   Visit site: Facebook Toll-free number:1-855-510-0444
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  • 10 Dec 2017
    Google is now known to everyone , it not just an search engine apart of this this provides lots off other supportive service with same google account like google map , google calling service , google hangout, google plus, google finance , etc  Google user can use same account services through single account by login to their account , but technical problems with Google account gives unpleasent experience to users which may be lead to big loss in usage of google service , that why google team works day and night to enhance  Google user experience  Google users common problems can be like Google account  suspension Gmail account got hacked Gmail account Password Recovery Gmail Account login issue Gmail account forget password Gmail account spaming Gmail password reset Gmail lost email recovery     For any kind of problems Google account holders can contact Gmail customer service number to get instant help for complex Gmail account problem Gmail support number have    Gmail 24*7 support helpline Gmail dedicated technical experts  Gmail support service over phone Gmail Toll free helpline Gmail Help phone number Gmail Call number Gmail compaint number      
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Technology 1,375 views Jan 11, 2018
Restoring Deleted Mails in Outlook – Is There An Easy Way Out?

Out of sight does not literally translate to out of your mailbox. It so happens, one fine day,
when you are preoccupied with something and accidentally delete some of the mails from
that of your Outlook inbox.

Here comes the most difficult part. Somehow or the other, you will look for means to
restore the deleted mails. If so, how it is done in the first place?

Well, deleting the emails do not in any manner suggest that it gets removed from the entire
database. Instead, there is a good chance that the emails are floating around, which also
means restoration is still possible.

Looking for a quick medium that can assist to restore the deleted emails? On that front,
you can approach the Outlook contact support, with the aid of a toll-free support


Procedure to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook

Once you have deleted the emails, recovering it will not be an issue. However, you need to
act fast. In most cases, the emails that you happen to remove finds its way into the
Deleted email folder. You can also check the trash folder for any residue of the mail.
The Process


  • Log into your Outlook account. In case you are in, proceed towards the Trash folder.
  • Now, press Ctrl Z.

- While doing so, please avoid taking other actions, such as moving or flagging any
- Make sure to continue with the process, until and unless all the mails that you
deleted get restored.

If you are trying to restore a single specific mail, then it makes sense to check the Deleted items folders.

In short, restoring the deleted emails in Outlook is fairly a simple task. Just follow the steps
mentioned above and you are done.

The Fine Points

  • Successful restoration of the mails saves you from major embarrassments.
  • There is some amount of respite since it allows you to recover emails, which are official.
  • The recovery process is refined to suit the user’s prevailing circumstances.

Amidst all of this, there will be a few occasions, where you might need some support. This might happen, when you are not in a position to complete the recovery procedure, due to some technical issue. It is better to figure out a way with the help of professionals. On that note, Outlook customer support by experts seems to be a safe bet. You can approach the experts anytime, without worrying much about other constraints. This is something, which you can always rely upon.


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