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Wealth & Money 334 views Sep 26, 2018
Quick Guide on Setting Up Prepaid Funeral Plans

Have you ever thought of taking a prepaid funeral plan to make your death easier for friends and family? The prepaid funeral plan is basically a plan that allows someone to prepay and plan for their final arrangements in advance. The money is held in confidence until it is necessary or is taken from an insurance policy. Come to think of it, getting prepaid funeral plans is one of the most endearing ways that you can show that you care for your loved ones’ future. We certainly will not want to leave them worrying about our funeral expenses.

The keyword here is prepaid. Since everything about your funeral arrangements are prepaid, your family will never have to worry about the services because you have already planned everything yourself. From the type of the casket, whether for burial or cremation, even with the choice of the church, you can specify everything well ahead in advance. And the great thing about it is that should the funeral costs rise in the years to come, your funeral services will not be affected especially if you have already completely paid for it.

Should you be interested in doing your own funeral planning, here are a few facts that you should know about prepaid funeral plans.

  1. Fewer worries about your funeral expenses.

The funeral home or the funeral director from which you will be buying your funeral plans will definitely make sure that they have the funds when the time comes when your funeral services are needed. Because that is one of the things that prevents some people from considering a prepaid funeral plan; whether the money will be there when they need it.

Keep in mind that the stakes are higher for the funeral director so they will do everything to ensure the funds will always be there.

  1. Inclusive costs.

What constitutes a plan can vary, specifically based on your own preferences. Among the usual costs are the minister’s fees, the flower arrangements, the casket or coffin, and the burial or cremation expenses. There can be miscellaneous costs which can still be covered by your prepaid funeral plan.

  1. You can change some of the choices or terms in your plan.

If after some time you have decided to change your choice of flowers or the design of the coffin or anything in particular, most funeral plans are very flexible for these requests. But remember that there might be some changes in the pricing of the plan based on your new selections.

  1. Can I get a prepaid funeral plan for another person?

There is usually no problem with this just as long as you can fully pay for the funeral plan. Of course, it is courtesy to first inform the person about the plan in case he would want to make his own requests.

  1. What if I die in another country?

It really depends on the prepaid funeral plans if the cost of the transfer of the body is covered. If you think you will be traveling to another country, it would be best if you can get funeral directors for any necessary costs or services to be included in your funeral plan.