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People Skills 351 views Sep 25, 2018
Latest Graphic Design Tips and Tricks


Whether you are new to the field of graphic design or are an expert in designing goal-oriented graphics; it is always important to know some latest tips and tricks to ease your work. The biggest achievement for the busy graphic designers is to produce the best piece of design by utilizing lesser time and limited resources. If you are also interested in impressing your seniors and want to create a remark of your skills in the industry; it is good to go through the tips below:

  • Work with front palette:

While designing a new piece of art, instead of just picking your favorite palettes every time; it is good to work with something unique that suits your design idea. Choose fonts that create a perfect combination with your headers and titles. Many creative people like typegenius as it allows them to work with complementary fonts.

  • Pick contrasting colors:

Experts say that color selection is the science and it plays an essential role in the final appearance of your artwork. It is important to create perfect contrast of background colors, font colors and accompanying images to lead impressive designs. You can collect suggestions from users online through Facebook contests and polls.

  • High-quality images:

One of the biggest challenges for graphic designers is to balance the quality of images and the file size. We generally do not want to work on large size images, but at the same time, there is no point in compromising for quality. In this case, it is better to save your designs in PNG format and then compress them.

Focus on these expert guidelines, and soon your graphic designs will find a long way to go in the competitive market.