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General 120 views Sep 28, 2018
Are slow iPhones a US thing?

Is the "Apple slowing down older phones" a US thing?

I ask because I have a 6s Plus, nearly 2 yrs old, and it does not seem slow to me. My kids use my old and battered 5s for games and YouTube, and while it is clearly slower than my 6s it is perfectly usable. Prior to this I used an old 4s, that to me remained perfectly fine until I upgraded. 인터넷바카라

Also, most of the people I know and work with have iPhones (a few even used a 3GS or whatever it was called, until about 6 months ago) and I have never heard any complaints of slow phones from them either. Yet forums and articles are full of slow iPhone stories.

I hail from little Denmark, so I wonder if that’s anything to do with this discrepancy?