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Technology 101 views Sep 28, 2018
Xs/Xs Max or Xr: Where do you place the value?

I'm interested in the Xr review more so now. 인터넷바카라

For those who have pre-ordered the Xs: How much value do you place on display and dual cameras? Is it truly worth $250+ over the Xr? 

For those who have pre-ordered the Max: How do you feel about the screen being so much bigger than before? Do you anticipate having problems with things like reaching the corners for notifications? 카지노사이트

While I can see choosing between the Xr and Xs Max, I personally find it much, much harder to compare the Xr and Xs. The Max will offer superior battery life to either of the others. That, along with the display and camera are almost enough to warrant a pause before buying.

Let's hear your thoughts below.