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Other 103 views Sep 18, 2018
Mexico's food markets offer groceries with a side of opera

Shoppers in Mexico City's Argentina Market got an unexpected dose of culture last Saturday (Aug 25) when they were treated to Spanish composer Pablo Sorozabal's opera La Tabernera Del Puerto. 안전놀이터

The impromptu performance by a troupe of four singers was part of a programme called Opera En El Mercado, which aims to take classical music to everyday places, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

From June to November, performers will pop up to sing in many of the city's 300 food halls and 195 metro stations.

Last Saturday's performers, clad in T-shirts and aprons, included music therapist Lydia Rendon, who told AP: "This is where our humanity connects - the food, the smells, the flavours - and it's even better with music."

Another member of the troupe is also a market vendor. Mr Franciso Pedraza, 50, who sells shoes near the Basilica Of Guadalupe, serenaded the crowd with his strong tenor voice.

Trained in opera from age 16 to 30, Mr Pedraza auditioned to join the roving opera troupe when it was doing a sound check at his market in June.


He told AP: "The voice is an instrument that you have to exercise continuously to always maintain the same range." 온라인카지노

Mr Juan Carlos Diaz, coordinator of the community cultural action programme for Mexico's national fine arts institute, said he is planning more impromptu operas next year.

The programme is reminiscent of last month's effort by a Mexican theatre company, Ardentia, to bring cheer to frustrated drivers on Mexico City's congested roads.

Tutu-clad dancers, twirling and twisting with their chins held high, presented 58-second shows - the duration of a traffic light - on the streets of the city.

The performances ranged from ballet classics like Swan Lake and The Nutcracker to Michael Jackson's Rock With Me, reverberating from a boombox plugged into an iPod.