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Other 91 views Sep 18, 2018
Lindsay Kemp, 80, British performer and mentor to David Bowie,

British performer and choreographer Lindsay Kemp died suddenly last Friday (Aug 24) in Livorno, a port city in Italy's Tuscany.

He was 80. 온라인카지노

The artist was known for his brilliant and subversive performances, as well as for being a mentor to famed English singer Kate Bush and the late acclaimed star David Bowie, the Guardian reported on Sunday.

David Haughton, a close friend and collaborator of Kemp's for 45 years, told BBC News that Kemp had been working up until his sudden death, and called the death "a huge shock".

"But if it had to happen, this was the best way. He was in a very good period - he had been working and dancing. He had no illness, he was with friends," he said.

Haughton said that Kemp had reported feeling ill and then was "gone" a minute and a half later.


Some Singaporeans may remember him for his version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Kallang Theatre more than two decades ago.

The rendition shocked audiences here with its avant-garde use of nudity and sex play.

A glowing review dated June 25, 1992, in The Straits Times nonetheless called the production "beguiling", and the use of nudity "integral to the spirit of the performance".

Kemp, then 54, played the character of Puck, a mischievous and clever sprite in Shakespeare's play.

Kemp was born May 3, 1938, near Liverpool, England. He found a passion for dance at an early age, and after watching the Ballet Rambert company perform, went to London to audition at the age of 17.

After studying under expressionist dancer Hilde Holger and French mime Marcel Marceau, he formed his own dance company in the 1960s. 바카라사이트

He developed his own distinctively camp style, combining different elements of mime, dance and British punk rock.

In 1972, he staged Bowie's famous Ziggy Stardust concerts in London, and then left Britain for Spain and Italy in the late 1970s.

Kemp had been rehearsing with students, preparing for a tour of Italy and writing his memoirs before his death.

British actor and writer Nicholas Pegg said on Twitter last Saturday that Kemp was "one of life's originals".

"An artist to the tips of his fingers, a mentor and inspiration for titans... a prodigiously talented performer, and a truly delightful man."