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  • 10 Sep 2018
    Just wondering why there's no real coverage or conversation on today's massive DDoS attack? Having to scour the other parts of the 안전놀이터 Internet for news and updates which I would have expected The Verge to automatically and masterfully cover. #wassup
    469 Posted by Jake Kennedy
  • 05 Sep 2018
    I am a senior citizen writing in to highlight the boorish behaviour of some senior citizens in our midst. 바카라사이트주소 I witnessed a male senior citizen demanding that a young woman give up her seat in the MRT for him. She was not even sitting on the reserved seat. But, he scolded her in front of everyone, saying she ought to give up her seat for an elderly person. 안전놀이터 She did do it, but she was not happy about it. In another instance, I was at a National Day carnival singing our National Anthem when an elderly woman tapped my arm and indicated grumpily that she wanted me to move aside for her to walk through. Earlier on, I had seen another elderly woman jump a queue. 인터넷카지노   Having a sense of entitlement and throwing one's weight around just because one is a senior is not good or wise behaviour. I hope the guilty seniors will reflect on this and change for the better.
    334 Posted by Jake Kennedy
  • 12 Sep 2018
    My family and I have enjoyed countless hours of fun at the very Marina Barrage that Lee Wei Ling's Papa, Lee Kuan Yew, dreamed of.  인터넷카지노 On one of those trips to the Barrage, my three daughters, my husband and I had the privilege of seeing her beloved Papa. It was about four years ago, on a quiet weekday afternoon during the school holidays, and he must have taken that opportunity to visit the Barrage to soak in its sights and sounds.  He was dressed in a light pink shirt and cream-coloured trousers, looking very happy as the buggy passed by families just like ours, mums and dads with young children in tow. We didn't dare approach the buggy but just like the other excited children (and parents!), waved frantically to him while calling out "Hello Mr Lee!". He acknowledged every one of us by happily waving back. 인터넷바카라 As he approached the end of the Barrage, Mr Lee met two groups of university students who had gone there in their convocation gowns to take the requisite graduation photos. How thrilled they must have been to see the founding father of Singapore, the man who had a vision for Singapore, who dreamed about building the very Barrage they were standing on, alight from his buggy and pose with them for a few pictures! He took the time to exchange pleasantries with these graduates and shook their hands.      We stood afar and envied the lucky group of fresh graduates. What a fitting start to their foray into the world! To be standing next to a man without whom their education would not have been possible. To start their careers after having been wished well by the first Prime Minister of their country. I know the memory of this experience will be indelibly etched in the minds of these students for years and years to come. The nation wept together for the passing of Dr Lee's Papa. My family sent him off in the pouring rain as the gun carriage made its final journey past City Hall. Everywhere triggered a memory of him. The raintrees flanking the East Coast Parkway, the riot of colours from the bougainvillea along that same expressway, little things here and there that became a reality after your Papa sowed the seeds of a dream. 카지노사이트 I am grateful to Mr Lee for dreaming big dreams for Singapore. Every Singaporean owes what we enjoy today from the vision he had for our fledgling nation. My children can continue to build upon their hopes and aspirations for their future to fulfil dreams of their own.  We prayed as a family last night before going to bed that we will work hard and contribute to the continued success in Singapore, even if in small ways. There is a hope and a dream for our future. Because her Papa believed in this country, fought hard for it, and never gave up on it even when the challenges seemed insurmountable.  We will strive to do the same.
    327 Posted by Jake Kennedy
  • 05 Sep 2018
    Over the years, the number of stray cats has declined significantly. 인터넷바카라 This is due to residents who have worked tirelessly to trap these cats for neutering. They are always on the lookout for newly abandoned cats and kittens, and they also speak to cat owners to advise them on neutering and keeping the animals indoors. 카지노사이트 Some of these residents have registered with the Cat Welfare Society so that they can help town councils mediate in cases where there are complaints about cats. Such unseen and unsung residents ought to be recognised for their community effort by the town councils. 인터넷카지노 All these residents ask for is that fellow residents be tolerant of the presence of cats, also called community cats, and that the town councils do not pander to a minority of complaining residents by culling these cats. As our little island gets rapidly concretised, such community cats add a softness to the harshness of our environment.
    318 Posted by Jake Kennedy
People Skills 307 views Sep 17, 2018
You can't freeze celery, but peppers are fine: Some common kitc

Columnist and cookbook author Cathy Barrow and writer Kristen Hartke recently joined The Washington Post Food staff to answer questions about all things edible. Here are edited excerpts from that chat. 카지노사이트주소   

Q: I have beautiful celery in my garden. What is the best way to save it for Thanksgiving stuffing? Should I dice, then freeze, or freeze the whole stalks? If diced, how best to dry it before freezing?

A: Celery, because it's mostly water, doesn't like the freezer. Once the diced or whole stalks emerge from the freezer, the water is released and you're left with (very aromatic) limp bits of celery. If using the celery for soup or to scent stock, it will be useful, but if you hope for that crunch in your stuffing, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. - Cathy Barrow

Q: I bought what I thought was a pint of shishito peppers at the farmers market, but now I'm thinking they're either very hot shishitos or birds eyes. I've thrown a few into my meals throughout the week, but thought I'd see what folks in here would do with a big batch of very hot peppers.

A: Probably the first thing I would do is to freeze some of them, because, much as I love hot peppers, a big batch probably won't get used up that quickly. Just spread the whole peppers on a cookie sheet and they'll freeze solid, then you can pop them into a freezer-safe container and defrost and cook with them at will during the winter. You can also pickle them. - Kristen Hartke  바카라사이트주소

Q: I made a pureed sauce last night for dinner and had lots of leftover, so I decided to freeze it. However, I'm not actually sure if it's a sauce that can be frozen and then thawed to its original glory. It's basically made of pureed jalapenos, mayonnaise, sour cream, a bit of lime juice, and olive oil. I'm concerned because of the sour cream (and maybe mayonnaise?) Should I be OK, or should I just go ahead and toss it out?


A: Neither mayonnaise nor sour cream are good candidates for the freezer. A sauce made with both would keep in the refrigerator for two or three days, surely, but if you have already frozen it, I'm afraid it will need to be tossed. - C.B.

Q: I'm new to lentils - after discovering and enjoying them from a restaurant, I purchased a bag (Whole Foods store brand red lentils) to add variety to my salads. The first time I cooked them, I followed the instructions on the bag precisely. They boiled over and turned to mush, so I threw them out. The second time I cooked them, I followed the instructions on a Washington Post recipe. While they didn't boil over this time, they too turned to mush. What am I doing wrong? Should I purchase a different type of lentil? Should I cook them in a much larger pan than the sauce pan I'm using? I want to be able to cook them but at this rate will never buy again.

A: Red lentils . . . turn to mush! A beautiful, wonderful mush. That's pretty much the idea with them. If you want lentils that don't, you should get brown, green or black ones. - Joe Yonan

Q: I want to make some sandwiches that I could take on a flight in a couple of days and I would like to avoid meat. Ideas? Should we consider a different savoury snack instead of sandwiches?

A: One of my go-to traveling sandwiches is just a bunch of mixed roasted veggies (oil, garlic, salt, pepper) - in the summer I use squash and eggplant - combined with goat cheese, herbs and whatever other condiments you like. It's simple and holds pretty well. - Becky Krystal 안전놀이터

Q: I moved six years ago and there are several boxes of pasta that moved with me and remain unopened. Does pasta expire? Is it safe to eat? Will it still taste OK?

A: Dried pasta can keep for a long time - it has no water content, so I wouldn't be overly concerned about it myself. If it looks or smells funny - and, again, I can't imagine why - then pitch it, but, otherwise, I suspect that it's fine. - K.H.

Q: My uncle and his husband give out home canned stuff for holiday gifts. All sorts of things from apple sauce to pear butter to pickled stuff. What do I do with the jars after I eat the goodies? Should I be bringing it back to them? Recycling? I'm pretty sure you can't reuse the lids (right?) but what about the jars?

A: You can reuse both jars and lids, but you can't reuse the lids for actual canning. You can reuse them as just lids, though, of course - and you can reuse the jars as storage containers for all sorts of things, but they're especially good for salad dressings. And if you do can, you can reuse the jars for that - with new lids.

Having said that, if the guys do a lot of canning, they probably would appreciate having the jars back, for future projects. And yes, you can recycle them. - J.Y.

Q: My husband and I each replaced the usual quart of half-and-half in our fridge at the same time. It's from a local farm, so doesn't keep as well as the usual store-bought, which is one reason we like it. How can I use up that extra quart before it turns?

A: I love using it for French toast. - B.K.