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Entertainment 94 views Sep 12, 2018
Famed US TV personality Martha Stewart's lifestyle site confuse

An article in an online magazine under famed American lifestyle guru and cookbook author Martha Stewart's brand prompted taunts from netizens when it mistook durian for jackfruit. 인터넷바카라

The article, titled Here's Exactly How To Use Jackfruit, published on Stewart's eponymous site under a section named Strive, which purports to be about "the art and science of taking care", mistakenly featured a picture of durians.

A line about jackfruit which appeared right before the picture of the durians said:"This tropical fruit, often grown in India and southeast Asia, has a texture that can be an excellent substitute for meat."

While unripe jackfruit has become popular in recent years as a meat substitute because its fruit can be easily shredded, similar to pulled pork, durian's texture is very different from meat and is not known to be used as a substitute. 카지노사이트

Netizens spotted the error and descended upon the 77-year-old, who now has a lifestyle empire under her name. Reactions ranged from ridiculing Stewart to asking for more diverse writers on her team, to avoid such mistakes.

Freelance writer Erin Chew who uses the name ThisAsianWomanSays on Twitter tagged Stewart's official Twitter and questioned how she could make the mistake and why no one on Stewart's team bothered to do an image search of jackfruit.

She added: "Can these celebrity #white folks get our SE Asian fruits correct?"