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Shopping 104 views Sep 10, 2018
Google/YouTube vs. Facebook

First off, forgive me if there is an article on this - I haven't been paying much attention to the news (mainly because there isn't much relevant shit to me in it most of the time) ANYWAY... 카지노사이트

Anyone noticing some weird subtle things going on between Facebook and Google/Youtube?


  1. There's a Facebook "view" counter on videos now (yeah, I know that doesn't seem important but that is one more Youtube feature that Facebook is enabling - won't be long before a thumbs down button shows up ;) ) 온라인카지노
  2. Is it me, or do embedded Youtube videos no longer support playback within the post? It seems when clicking on embedded Youtube thumbnails, I get taken to another tab with the Youtube URL now instead of it playing directly

Thanks for indulging. Curious on your thoughts. Yes, YOU :D