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Public Speaking 393 views Sep 05, 2018
Being a senior citizen no excuse for boorish behaviour

I am a senior citizen writing in to highlight the boorish behaviour of some senior citizens in our midst. 바카라사이트주소

I witnessed a male senior citizen demanding that a young woman give up her seat in the MRT for him.

She was not even sitting on the reserved seat. But, he scolded her in front of everyone, saying she ought to give up her seat for an elderly person. 안전놀이터

She did do it, but she was not happy about it.

In another instance, I was at a National Day carnival singing our National Anthem when an elderly woman tapped my arm and indicated grumpily that she wanted me to move aside for her to walk through.

Earlier on, I had seen another elderly woman jump a queue. 인터넷카지노


Having a sense of entitlement and throwing one's weight around just because one is a senior is not good or wise behaviour.

I hope the guilty seniors will reflect on this and change for the better.