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Business 80 views Sep 05, 2018
Sacrifice, service are key to work in public sector

I believe that ministers must be given adequate and comparable pay, taking into consideration the sacrifices they have to make when crossing over from the private to the public sector. 인터넷카지노    

Being a high-flying chief executivein the corporate world is very different from being a minister or politician.

The CEO's primary job is to ensure that he and his staff bring in profit for the organisation.

To this end, the CEO has to fully exploit his business and financial acumen and lay out the strategies for his staff to adhere to. 인터넷바카라

And for this, he and his staff are adequately rewarded with good bonuses by the board of directors at the end of the financial year.

But, if the same CEO crosses over to the public sector and becomes a minister, it is no longer about moneymaking but, rather, about the service to the people.


It is an entirely different ball game in the public sector, where the passion to serve the people is paramount.

A good minister need not always be a high-flier from the corporate world with a master's degree or PhD. As long as he is reasonably educated, able to mix well and identify with the ground, able to communicate his thoughts well and can lead, he will make a good minister. 카지노사이트

There are so many examples of ministers who were not high-fliers in the corporate world before crossing over.

If any high-flier from the private sector insists that he will become a minister only if he gets the same pay he was drawing in the private sector, then he would be a failure as a minister, because being a minister is all about sacrifices and service to the people and nation.

Our national servicemen make sacrifices when doing their two-year stints in the uniformed services. Ministers are expected to do likewise for the well-being of our nation.