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Personal 580 views Oct 25, 2017
Tips for Caring For Your Camera

As a camera owner you need to understand that the good money that you spent on buying expensive equipment such as this does mean that with the right care and storage you will be able to use it for the next many years. If properly taken care of these things can last you a life time. Even though the tendency to want to switch up because there are better technologically advances ones available, you might want to preserve your camera so that you will actually have a piece that is both antique and interesting in the years to come. Who knows the upcoming younger generation can want to buy it off you for a much higher price. Here are some tips on how you can better care for your camera.


Image Source - Pixabay


Do Not Leave the Camera with the Battery inside When Idle

One of the most common issues that people face is they leave the battery of the camera in it even when it is not used. Making sure that you remove it and store it separately is key to long life for the camera. Using good quality Duracell batteries are also very important. Make sure you do not mix the kinds of battery that the device requires. Use high standard ones that will not only last you longer but will enable you to keep your device safe by not leaking and spilling into the device. Invest in a pack of these high quality ones so that you can recharge them only when needed.


Keep the Lens and Outsides in Good Condition with the Right Tools

Invest in a lens cleaner, this will not only make it possible for you to keep your lens scratch free it will also help you to avoid damaging the item for good. Small scratches can cause big issues. The outside body of the camera should be cleaned using a soft cloth and a brush that is recommended for this purpose only. Dirt, humidity, liquid and other things should be kept away from your device always.


Carry Your Items in a Proper Bag

Invest in a quality bag made for the camera. It is important that you don’t just carry your camera and the extra lens in a normal bag. Getting something that will give it cushioning and protection from the heat and rain is key. This way you won’t have to worry about accidental damage.


Don’t Over Expose the Sensor

If you are used to using many different lenses, you are going to be exposing your cameras sensor quite a bit. Since the sensor is a magnet for dust it might be more advisable to use one lens which can cover many situations and setting. This is best especially if you are in a dusty and windy setting. But if you have to swap lenses it is a must that you do it as quickly as possible so that you can reduce the time of exposure. Remember the sensor is the heart of the camera and you should not leave it unattended and exposed. Use a sensor cleaner when necessary.

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