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Courage & Fear 2,909 views Aug 04, 2011
Police abuse is real
Police abusing their power
We all should have nice things to say about police officers. I myself have had experiences such as a kind police pulling me over to inform me my lights were not on, and I've even had a kind officer help me change my tire. 
That I believe is what police should be about, helping the community, and putting criminals to justice.
However on April 19th 2011 I saw a very dark side of the world that police think they control.
I was in a left hand turning lane, traveling down in Utah. I live in Idaho, but because I have had two heart transplants in my life, I have to go down to SLC to see the heart transplant team. I had also just had a MAJOR spine surgery down in the university about 4 months earlier. Anyways to get back on track I was in the left hand turning lane pulling up to a red light. A car was headed towards me fast, 45 to 55 miles per hour. They were using the turning lane as a travel lane, and as I realized they were not gonna slow down or move I cut some one off to exit the lane on the right hand side. I did not move quite quick enough, they hit my bumper, and continued going. I turned on my hazard lights and watched them disappear in my rear view mirror. I did not realize that if you were the victim of a car accident it was against the law to leave. I waited about 3 minutes, and when it became clear to me they were not coming back, I went on my way to try and make it to the 2 doctor appointments I was late for.
I guess the people who hit me, called in and gave the cops their side of the story. I don't know what they said, but it wasn't true. The accident happened in Davis county Utah, and the police caught up with me in Ogdon Utah. At first I had no clue what I had done wrong, I was very corroborative with the police, with my permission they searched my car, but right as they showed up they were sure I was on something. They found all my anti rejection medications, and my prescribed narcotics from my back surgery, but I had NOTHING illegal. Finally a police officer from Davis county jail showed up and arrested me.
By that time I had done everything the police had asked. I had sat back and watched them destroy the inside of my car. They got most of my medications and gave them to the arresting officer. She handcuffed me, and shoved me in the back of the police car, which is what the picture is. My knee hit the car hard, and bruised. 
I'm not going to go into all the abuse i went through while in booking at the Davis county jail, but I was finally able to get ahold of my husband's mom ( my husband is in Iraq) and she was able to get a hold of him, so he could move money around so we could make bail.
The police did not do their job. When someone goes in with prescribed pills they are suppose to count every pill in every bottle, and book it on record, they did not do that, but when I got out, I was missing 23 xanx, and 19 oxycodone.
I was abused in may ways on that day, by police officers, and I wanna let people know police abuse is REAL!
If you have a story about police abuse, or a nice story where police helped you, please share on this page.


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